4 Major Causes Of Coronary Heart Disease

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Coronary heart disease is a disease result by fatness on the heart. This disease is not something that can be treated in a day. It has long-term effects and can get worst. Fatness around the heart has various reasons. People have the misconception that it only happens due to heart disease.

We are in an era of technology where fast is the new trend. If you are not moving fast then you have no value. In this race, people are forgetting about their health. Eating fast food which is full of carbohydrates is leading us toward so many serious issues. Fatty heart/ Coronary heart disease is one of them. Here are some other causes that can play an important role in obesity and fatty heart disease.


Smoking is injurious to health and there is no excuse in it. Due to smoking there is a layer of fatness gather around the heart. This can also lead to obesity and respiratory diseases. Those who are chain smokers are continuously reducing their life period.

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Unhealthy Food

Unhealthy food is actually the main cause. We are not even aware of which thing is good for us and vice versa. There is a term “Portion Control” which mean eat all the carbs, proteins, dairy, vegetable and cheat meals but in a specific portion. The perfect diet doesn’t mean you need to stop eating it means that you need to learn about healthy eating.


Imbalance in sugar level in blood can create fatness around the heart. The most diabetic patient can experience it because of the high blood sugar level. High blood sugar level also enhances the cholesterol level and thus create a problem in breathing and walking.

Hypertension (High blood pressure)

Due to anxiety, depression, and aggression one can easily experience high blood pressure. This can cause fatness around the heart and liver. Living a happy life without stress is difficult but not impossible.

We can cope up this disease with a healthy lifestyle. Adding up exercise and good food can help you in that case

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