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We know that smoking, bad eating habits, and an inactive lifestyle are not positive for heart health but little did we knew about these sneaky sources of heart damage. Have a look and let us know how many of these surprised you.

Your Dental Health:

Brushing every day and maintaining habit to floss promise healthy teeth and a healthy heart as well. If you have swollen gums it poses a risk to your heart health. Although the reason is not known precisely it is suggested that bacteria causing inflammation of gums can travel to the heart via the bloodstream and lead to inflammation of heart vessels and other cardiac issues. Do visit your dentist every six months and if you have any issues regarding dental health book an appointment right away with the best dentist in Karachi, Lahore or any other main city of Pakistan.

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Night Shifts:

People working in night shifts are at an increased risk of heart problems because this affects your circadian rhythm (a.k.a internal clock) and can negatively impact your heart as well. If you are bound to take night shifts, introduce some other heart-friendly steps like exercise, quit smoking and visit your heart specialist regularly to minimize your risk of heart problems.
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Traffic Jams:

A research study found traffic jams can elevate the risk of a heart attack and heavy noise can also affect your heart health. If you must travel during rush hour squash stress by listening to some good music or travel in a carpool and chat with other people.

TV watching:

Couch potatoes, stand up! If you are habitual to park yourself in front of a TV break this habit for your heart health. Too much sitting for the long interval can damage your heart.
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Early On Set of Menopause:

Women who go into menopause before they are 46 years of age are twice more susceptible to a stroke and heart attack compared to those going through it later. This is because of the decreased concentration of heart-friendly hormone estrogen. In this situation consult with the best gynecologist to find out reasons behind early menopause.
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Sleep Apnea:

All those who snore and gasp while sleeping should see their doctor and get evaluated for a serious condition called sleep apnea. This can cause irregular heartbeats, high blood pressure, and heart failure.
Treatments are available to release airway blockages and make breathing easier.

Hepatitis C:

People with hepatitis C have lower blood pressure and low cholesterol but still, they have a higher risk of heart problems because it can cause inflammation in the heart. Keep yourself closely monitored by your doctor to avoid any such issues.
Besides these many other factors like too less sleep, visceral fat, an unhappy marriage, and loneliness can affect your heart health. Your ticker is your best friend keeping you alive. Do it favors more often and stay away from these sneaky sources of heart damage.

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