Here Are The 5 Easy Ways To Make Your Monday’s Less Monday-ish!

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Be it normal days or pandemics, Mondays never lose their typical Monday-ish feeling. The worst thing on a Monday morning is that it is a Monday. Agree much?. On Mondays, it is very common to see a person who’s having a Monday but we rarely come across a person who’s having “A Good Monday Morning”. Why is that? Because Mondays, for sure are the most disliked ones universally. Somedays, even if you haven’t returned to your work on a Monday, there’s another day in the week that feels like a Monday. The times when another day feels lazy, unlike, or less engaging we usually describe it as having “Monday energy,” which means the day is hard and unpleasant.

For the people who have bad Mondays, there are a few tips that can make your Monday mornings at least a little bearable than before. Even in this pandemic. Whatever your circumstance, I hope these suggestions help make the first day of the week a bit easier—or inspire your own ideas for how to make Monday mornings a little bit better.

1. Plan Out Your Mondays Right After You End Your Friday Shift

If talking about my own self, whenever I start thinking about my Mondays, it makes me anxious as I see so many things ahead of me to work on. To beat this anxiety, I started planning out my week or at least my Monday on a Friday evening as soon as I finish my work shift. Write yourself a To-Do list, is a treat as we know now that we’ve written it down and can give our brain the rest we require. This will help your brain to shut off sooner than before.

Planning your Monday on a Friday evening will set you free from all those obligations and you’ll be able to enjoy your weekend better.

2. Make Your Sundays Physically Active, Go Lift Some Weights

Sunday starts creeping me out as soon as the clock struck 4. The feelings of having a Monday ahead gives me a lot of uncontrollable anxiety. That is why I started distracting myself first with some art and music and later with workouts and I have noticed a major change in my behavior. Since I’ve started distracting myself with the workouts and walking, I pay less attention to the next day as I already have so much for the ongoing day. It definitely helps me get over the Sunday freaks.

3. Stop Going Out On Sunday Nights

As a total anti-social person, having a very social time on Sunday evenings makes my Monday mornings quite difficult as I dont get time to recharge myself for the week. The Sunday nights are a total ME time and on Sundays, I love spending time watching my favorite season, having my favorite food, and relax.
All that I prefer is to text or spend a little time scrolling. A big no to gatherings and social events.

4. Wake Up A Little Earlier On Monday Mornings

Waking even more earlier on Monday mornings is something I don’t very regularly follow. But whenever I do, it makes my day better than any Monday. Waking up at least 30 minutes earlier on a Monday helps me put a lot of things in place. I have time for a proper breakfast, I take time out to settle myself down with the fact that it is Monday, and also, I walk for a while. I won’t say it is easy but trust me, waking up a little early is worth it. It undoubtedly makes my Monday 10x times better than any other day. Try it if you don’t believe it. If you don’t feel like working after waking up, let it be. Sit up in your bed and scroll through your phone for a while. It’ll help you stay awake rather than going back to sleep.

5. Make A Lively Start To Mondays

To start a better Monday, make yourself a playlist of your favorite songs, favorite podcasts, or maybe play your favorite comedian on your way to work. Laughing out your stress and anxiety on a Monday morning will enable you to settle with the day in a better and quicker way. So, by the time I have to go and interact with people, I am already a little relaxed and lively and ready for the day.

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