Increase in Height after Growth Age – Is it Possible?

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Good height” itself is a subjective term. It varies from one person to another. Some consider 5feet5inches height to be short; however, it’s a good height among other people.

The height varies among people due to a number of factors. Height is indeed a miracle of the genetic make-up of a person. It is assumed that tall parents usually have tall kids.

Now the question arises whether a height of person increases once he/she has passed the growing age usually 18 or 21?

It is debatable, some researchers say yes! It’s possible other denies it. However, there are certain methods or ways that can boost the height among growing kids. Following are some of the ways through which person height can be boosted in his/her growing years.

Balanced Diet:

Believe it or not! Diet plays a very important role in the growth of a person’s height. Malnourished kids often don’t grow out to be healthy and tall. A diet rich in Calcium, Vitamin D, Iodine and Magnesium ensures the maximum growth of a kid.


The importance of Calcium in the growth of child can’t be ignored as it strengthens our bones and helps in children’s growth. To know more about child growth patterns book an appointment with the best child specialist in Karachi, Lahore or other main cities of Pakistan via

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D has a great impact on the strengthening of our bones. Sunlight is one of the natural and greatest sources of getting Vitamin D. Exposure towards sunlight during golden hours is the best time to get Vitamin D because at that time ultraviolet rays are minimal.
height increase


Stretching exercises can stimulate the growth of an individual’s height as it helps in building an accurate posture. Any exercise that helps body stretch can help in increasing height such as swimming, bending, high jumps, yoga, bar hanging etc.

Deep Sleep:

Sufficient amount of sleep is necessary to boost growth. Research has proved that during deep sleep growth hormones does their job of lengthening and strengthening of our bones. Deep sleep can be achieved by doing regular exercise and eating healthy.

Increase in height after growth years is debatable, the genetic make-up of a person defines the height of a person. It’s better to follow the above-mentioned points during the growing years to reap its full benefits.

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Amina Hameed
Amina is an MBA from Lahore school of economics who had also been a Former Cultural ambassador of Pakistan (USEFP). Amina writes to throw a light on the importance of healthcare system in Pakistan. She is indeed a passionate writer when comes to health, fitness and lifestyle.

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