Kidney Stones and Their Most Advance Treatments Available In Pakistan

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With the word Pakistan, the first impression that pops-up to our mind is an underdeveloped country which is devoid of many technological advancements and infrastructural support. As a matter of fact, the actual situation is 180 degrees opposite, especially in the medical and health industry domain. Most of the treatments that are followed for any procedure in Pakistan are not only as per the international standard but are also a way cheaper than any other developed country. You will be surprised to know how advanced we are in Kidney stones (renal calculi) treatment.

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Advance Treatments For Kidney Stones:

The most advanced treatments to get rid of kidney stones are:

  • Lithotripsy
  • Holmium Laser Technique


Lithotripsy is one of the techniques to remove the stones by using the ultrasound shock waves. It is a painless and a bloodless procedure which only involves a pinprick pain at the start of the procedure. These waves have no side effect and are safe.

The limitation of lithotripsy technique is that it can only crush certain size of the stones and are not able to crush larger stones.

Lithotripsy is not recommended for pregnant women and women of the childbearing age.

How to get Lithotripsy?
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Holmium Laser Technique

To crush the larger, localized and complex stones another technique is used which is more safe, painless and bloodless. It is the Holmium Laser technique. This technique even does not involve the waves or cut. Currently, Holmium laser technique is available in Hameedah Memorial Hospital Lahore, Pakistan.

How it’s done?

In it, the patient is treated under the local anesthesia which is given in the lower abdomen. A small camera (endoscope) in entering into the body through the urethral opening (pee-hole) without any cut. After locating the stone, it is then crushed into pieces and is sucked out of the body.

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Few Most Popular Nephrologists In Pakistan:

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