Liver Transplants: Where Does Pakistan Stand When It Comes To This Surgery?

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MUZAFFARGARH: A 24-year-old boy sacrificed his life to save that of his father through a liver transplant at Shaikh Zayed Hospital on Monday. Mujahid Khan Laghari, 50, a resident of Bet Mir Hazar Khan, District Muzaffargarh, was suffering from liver disease. His 24-year-old son Kamran Laghari, an electrical engineer, decided to donate a part of his liver to save his father’s life.

There are various serious issues that we face in our daily lives. Healthcare is one of them. To be more specific, transplants such as liver transplants are a nightmare here. We have been rapidly succeeding in every field. Having every skilled professional, it is beyond understanding why we aren’t able to improve this void?

Liver transplants, the most common issue people run to India for. There is no proper place in Pakistan which can offer a proper professional and hygienic atmosphere. Consequently, people either end up having an end-stage liver issue or they end up dying. Unfortunately, for both of these issues, we do not have anything to offer in Pakistan.

In recent time we’ve been on such tight terms with our neighbouring country India that it has started affecting us in many ways. It has affected our health, economy, culture and what not. In the past, people used to travel to India for various treatments which were not dealt with or were not available in Pakistan. But as things got worse, it affected the people who were in a dire need of those treatments.

There was helplessness which even our government wasn’t responding to. Sensing the gravity of this issue Marham decided to introduce something considerate. Something which you haven’t heard of before. Yes! that’s true, we have great news for our people which certainly will light up the moods.

Have you got a sick relative who was scheduled to go to India for a transplant and now they can’t go? Is your visa not getting approved and you’re running out of time? Don’t worry because we have found a solution to your problem. has decided to take over your treatment responsibilities on the international level as well. Sounds good? We are growing big with our collaboration with Turkey! In this ever-changing world of healthcare, you need to stay on top of the latest news.

Marham will help you take the lead. Turkey is considered as one of the best platforms worldwide to get the treatments done. We have decided to provide you with the best opportunities possible. The best possible treatments of the world-class standards.

We are now offering Lung transplants, Liver transplants, Heart transplants and knee transplants in Turkey. You will just have to pick up your mobile and schedule a video consultation with the relevant doctor and the rest is our responsibility. A sponsored visa, travelling, accommodation and all your medical expenses will be covered in the amount you will pay. The amount charged for the treatment in India only covers the medical expenses and accommodation of the patient but the amount you pay for the treatment in Turkey covers almost all your expenses related to your medical treatments. From your online consultation until your recovery and landing back in Pakistan, Marham will be your guide. Marham has always been the saviour of people who were left alone without any medical help. We’re available every minute to guide you and help you through any issues.

We need to raise awareness about how people can take care of their selves in these situations and what is the right decision for them to make. Due to so many similar cases, we have lost many people and this is the time that we start thinking about ourselves properly.
If you are confused about which doctor to consult or where to go, we are here to help you.

Marham has been a solution for many, over the past few years and you can benefit from our services too! Call at our helpline 03111222398 and book your online consultation immediately.

Their son Muhammad Umar, who had been suffering from a liver disease since birth, breathed his last on November 28, 2015, in India. He died, at the age of 21, following a liver transplant that was supposed to give him a chance at a new life. He was operated on by Dr Soin of Medanta – The Medicity Hospital in Gurgaon. Now, with a great void left in their lives, the grieving parents hope to create awareness to help people in similar situations.

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