Macular Degeneration, Causes Symptoms and its 2 Types

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“Suffering from macular degeneration and want to know about it, you are at a right place”

The macula is located at the center of the retina of an eye it is responsible for the central vision namely straight vision. Macular degeneration is common in adults and old age people it starts after 60 years. It is a painless condition of an eye and has many causes.

Whom to Consult:

An optometrist can diagnose macular degeneration, he is a specialist in treating diseases of the eye. You can find and consult the best eye specialist in Karachi, Lahore or other main cities of Pakistan via He will dilate pupils with eye drops and see your retina. He is the one who will diagnose whether its dry or wet form of macular degeneration.

Causes of Macular Degeneration:

It can be due to smoking, blood pressure may be you are obese or you are taking diet which has more of unsaturated fats in it. It can sometimes affect one eye and sometimes both get affected by it. People will have small drusens in the eye a yellow type substances or medium-sized drusen. This is the stage when there is no loss of a vision so it’s easy to catch it and start the treatment.
causes of AMD

Another cause is the family inheritance, if some member of your family is facing this issue than it may have possibilities that you might suffer from it too.

Symptoms of Macular Degeneration:

There are two types of it:

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  1. Dry macular degeneration
  2. Wet macular degeneration

When you have dry macular degeneration your vision becomes slightly blurred you start needing more light for reading and it becomes very difficult for you to recognize people’s faces until they come close. The sharpness of the vision is also affected in dry AMD. If it reaches its advanced stage than you will see the constant presence of a blurred spot in the center of your vision.

In wet macular degeneration, you will see a wavy effect on straight lines. This condition is less common in people. But in this condition, you can completely lose your vision.

Possible Treatments to Deal with this Problem:

You can treat dry AMD but its progress is slow you can improve it by eating healthy changing your lifestyle and having antioxidant vitamins.

For wet AMD an injection is injected into the eye which slows its process. If you have dry form of macular degeneration than you will likely to suffer from wet form too.

Currently, there is no treatment to protect your vision when it turns into a wet form of macular degeneration.

The best precaution is to eat a healthy diet and avoid smoking. Going for an annual check-up can also help spotting any ailment earlier.

Few Most Popular Eye Surgeons:

Dr. Waseem Iqbal


Dr. Farukh Jameel - Eye Specialist

Dr. Farukh Jameel


Dr. Aurangzeb Shaikh

Dr. Aurangzeb Shaikh


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