Nausea: 4 Easy Ways To Control It

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Love eating chocolate but does it make you puke sometimes?. That delicious cake not seeming delicious anymore?. We think that we’ll be left feeling nauseous after eating something specific, or after drinking something. But, there are also a few times when nausea hits us out of the blue and, it can be really very upsetting and super stressful. Above all, it gets even more upsetting if you are are not pregnant, it leaves you wondering, what exactly is happening?

According to many studies, it turns out, there are various other things that can make our stomachs churn. To understand it better, here are the 5 unexpected things that might cause unexpected nausea, and also, you’ll get to read the easy fixes for it. Keep scrolling.

What Nausea Is Exactly?

Nausea is a feeling of uneasiness in our stomachs or guts. It mostly comes with a feeling of throwing up even after smelling something or a specific food. Nausea has different reasons for every person and everyone has their own triggers. It is true that you can have nausea without actually vomiting, nausea only feels like it is going to happen. Consequently, our stomach just doesn’t feel right.

Mystery Behind Unannounced Nausea

Women who are expecting, it is understood why you feel nauseous but for the people who are not in that situation, there are other things that could explain why you’re feeling nauseous.

1. Stressed And Anxious?

Our gut has the ability to upset our nerves directly. It is connected to those nerves that work to push food through our digestive system. So, when a person is stressed or anxious the brain sends signals to those nerves when then causes nausea. This is called tachygastria.

Easy Fix: Whenever you feel like this, remember to take a few deep breaths and stay calmer. This can definitely help ease your nausea. Or, if that doesn’t work, get a cup of ginger tea.

2. Hungry Or Eaten Very Quickly?

People who have a habit of going several hours without eating, tend to feel nauseous frequently. Or on the other hand, The people who eat very fast or quickly, feel dizzy and nauseous like pass out.

Easy Fix: Eat something that is high in carbs. Moreover, just a glass of fruit juice can fix that.

3. You’re Dehydrated Maybe

Nausea is also connected to dehydration. When we stop taking sufficient water, the unsettled and dehydrated stomach can cause a lot of nausea.

Easy Fix: Get up, get a cool water bottle, keep that on the table in front of you and sip it every other minute.

4. Or..  Having An Ear Infection!!

If a person is feeling excessive pressure in the ear along with nausea, it can mean that you are suffering from an ear infection. The good news is that it is totally treatable. An ear infection is responsible for causing ear pain, pressure in the ear, hearing change, and also nasal congestion. Which can later cause a lot of nausea!

Easy Fixes For Nausea

In addition to those basic remedies, you can also try these general tips to ease down yourself whenever you are feeling nauseous:

  • Drink Chilled Drinks.
  • Have Light Food
  • Do Not Eat Fried, Greasy and Sweet Foods
  • Whenever You Are Drinking Something, Drink Slowly
  • Do Not Brush Your Teeth After Eating

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