Pets Can Be The Carrier Of COVID-19 : True Or Not?

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Scientists say it is unclear yet whether the felines can spread the virus to people or not. But many studies show they’re safe!

With the COVID-19 spreading rapidly around the world, many people are concerned whether the pets are virus carriers or not. So far, there are little to no evidence that our pets can transmit the virus. Whereas there have been a few reports of pets being infected. Despite all the researches proving the pets are not carriers of COVID-19, there are still a few reservations about it. Considering that cats and dogs are in close contact with humans, therefore it is important to understand their susceptibility to towards COVID-19.

“Cats can become infected with the new coronavirus but dogs appear not to be vulnerable“

Many scientists say that there are chances that the cats can be infected with COVID-19 and spread it to other cats, but dogs are not really susceptible to the infection neither any of them can transmit it to humans. Moreover, scientists say that cat-owners should not be alarmed just yet. These concerns are still under discussion.

Not To Worry, You Can Keep Your Furry Friend Around

While working from home, all you want is to have your fur-baby around. If you’re trying to de-stress from coronavirus fears, your furry friend is always a perfect companion. The good news is that despite reports that a few pets are tested positive for COVID-19, most experts say that you should not worry about your pets. Either cats or dogs, neither of them are spreading the virus or getting sick themselves.

Many types of viruses, including the common cold, can’t be spread between household pets and people health professionals sat that they have different cell receptors than humans do. It may prevent human-borne viruses from transmitting from pets to humans.

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