Should You Consult a Sexologist?

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Sex has always remained a controversial topic for us Pakistanis. No matter what the context, as soon as anything even slightly related to it is brought up, our ears perk up, eyes open wide and our senses go down. In a society where there has been a debate about whether the PTA should ban the word ‘intercourse’, as reported by a tribune. The ever-present talk about human reproduction and all other peripheries associated with it becomes even more difficult to have.

However, Pakistan is in desperate need of it as the abortion rates soar in recent years because of improper contraceptive measures and general unawareness about this taboo subject. We, as a society, are at crossroads where we have to choose between matters as important as life or death over as natural a human process as sexual intercourse – or anything even remotely related to it.

The field of medical sciences has many specializations aimed at curing ailments and improving the quality of life of mankind. Sexology is one of these specializations focused on studying human sexuality, related behaviors, sexual disorders, interests, and functions. Sexologists and urologists deal with the issues affecting the sexual health of people.

Who is a Sexologist?

Sexologists are qualified doctors, healthcare professionals, and counselors who have done extra training and studies to aid people in treating and managing issues associated with sex. A sexologist can help you address many issues associated with sex and sexual relationships.

Issues Addressed by a Sexologist?

These include concerns encompassing:

  1. Sexual desire
  2. Anorgasmia
  3.  Sexual orientation
  4.  Impulsive sexual behavior
  5. Compulsive sexual behavior
  6.  Erectile dysfunction
  7.  Sex life difficulties because of chronic diseases
  8.  Ejaculatory disorders
  9.  Uncomfortable intercourse
  10.  Intimacy issues arising due to disability
  11.  Physical and psychological troubles due to unwanted sexual experiences


How to Find a Sexologist?

Sexologists work in hospital settings or you may find them practicing at private clinics. The easiest way to find and consult a sexologist is through You can book an appointment using our website and visit in person. If you want an online or telephonic consultation that is also possible. Just select the desired city and choose from many of best-reviewed sexologists from all main cities of Pakistan.

How to Prepare for your Appointment with a Sexologist?

Before you go for an appointment with a sexologist take time to gather a few details. This might help you and your therapist to get favorable results.

1- Details about the issue you are about to discuss. Including

  • When it started
  • It is consistency
  • Previous treatments and medications used
  • Professionals you have consulted
  • Outcomes of therapies used

2-Important personal as well as lifestyle information

3-Your medical history

4-All medicines you are taking including herbal preparations and also the vitamin supplements

4-Also, list down your questions you need to ask

What to Expect

Your appointment may start with a detailed history-taking session. Sexual matters can be a bit twisted. Your therapist will make sure to get right into the details to make an exact diagnosis. You may find it awkward to discuss intimate details. Be rest assured that sexologists/urologists are well trained to put you at ease.

Few Most Popular Urologists:

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