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Saving a life is a big job, sitting back at home safely we find this thought quite useless that how actually we’re going to save a life. Saving a life while staying at home is not as difficult as we think and if you are wondering how exactly, have you tried yet?

In the times of COVID19, Marham has by far helped thousands of people across the country and even outside the country as well. Marham’s app and online consultations come in handy in various ways. Do you want to know how? keep scrolling!

In An Emergency

If you are having trouble with someone who does not want to step out of the house and refuses to visit a doctor, a stubborn child who freaks out to visit a doctor or if no one around to take you to the doctor, Marham is what you need. Book a consultation and talk to a doctor in no time!

Save Yourself From Self Medication

Self-medication is harmful than anything else if you are confused about your health issues and what is the right medication for it, use Marham’s app to consult a doctor. Queries like these are attended by our doctors without any charges if you want to talk to a doctor for free, post on Marham forum and wait for the doctor to reply. Do not practice self-medication because it can lead to serious harm or even death.

Can Not Travel

Some patients are not in a condition to travel or even move in some conditions. Those patients are the ones who require immediate care, for that you can opt for a video consultation through Marham’s app and talk to a doctor without leaving your houses.

Moreover, with Marham, you can connect to any doctor at any corner of the country. For immediate emergency consultation, for minor issues or even if someone’s life is in danger and you have no nearby place to go to.

How Can I Use These Services?

To use these services there’s one simple step to follow, install Marham’s mobile app. Whether it is a minor issue and you want to question a doctor or you need an online video consultation, Marham’s mobile app is a one-time solution for all.

To install our app, use the links provided below:

Android Users:

Drop a review for us at Playstore if you’ve had a good experience!

IPhone Users:

Stay Home Stay Safe!

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