Tired of All The Diets? Try 5 Portion Control Tips and You Will be Surprised

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Low-fat dairy, low-fat food, low-calorie biscuits, slimming soups, skimmed milkshakes and what not! If you have tried everything and you are still not satisfied try Portion control diet. It is a simple technique to lose weight, all you have to do is “consume less and burn more

To be honest, it should not be considered as a diet though it’s a right way of eating. If you control your portion of whatever you eat, you will never get extra calories and hence you will remain in shape. 

Through portion control, you just have to create a deficit in your body to lose weight. Basically, you eat from all the food groups such as Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, Dairy, Fiber etc but all you have to do is just be a miser when you make your plate. Serving your food should be small. You can consult with the best nutritionist from Marham.pk

Let’s talk about tips for portion control:

  • Start Your Day with Water

Make this your habit, start your day with the consumption of water. It will not only help in the elimination of toxins from your body but will also keep your stomach full. In addition to it, before you consume anything solid drink water first as it will fill your stomach, as a result, you will most likely not to overeat.

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  • Make Your Plate Colorful

Add lots of vegetables to your diet. Vegetables are low in calories and it is the yummiest way to fill your tummy without exceeding your calorie limit. Add vegetables in your pasta, bread or top any of your favorite dishes with your favorite vegetables. If you feel some healthy diet issues you can consult with the best nutritionist in your city.

Portion Control
Portion Control
  • Carbs on Top

Carbohydrates are essential to give energy to our body but its consumption can be tricky as they are usually high in calories. So here is a catch, you can use carbs as a topping and use the base from the other groups. For instance; in breakfast, you can have a base of yogurt and sprinkle granola on top to make it healthier. For lunch or dinner fill your plate with vegetables, have a piece of lean meat and top it up with a quarter cup of rice. Be smart with carbs.

  • Slow Down

Yes! Instead of making eating a task, slow down and enjoy your food. This way you will eat less. Chew slowly, put down your spoon between bites and sip water to make a meal last longer. Don’t eat like you are never going to have food again. Slow eating will make you feel full early.

  • Instead of Spice add Soup to your Life

Before you jump towards the main course start with a soup as an appetizer; it will make your stomach fill with great nutrients and you are more likely to eat less later. Instead of experimenting you can ask dietician to recommend which soup can be best for you.

Portion Control
Portion Control

Other tips include the use of small plates, end your meal with sweet green tea, and limit mealtime distractions to eat less.

Despite all the above-mentioned tips, we will recommend you to visit the best nutritionist in your own hometown and get a diet plan that suits your body type.

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