What Is the Difference Between Baby Fat And Obesity?

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Many parents find it difficult to understand if their child’s chubbiness is baby fat or obesity. However, the difference between baby fat and obesity cannot only be diagnosed by self-examining. It is a huge concern for parents because the best time to prevent weight problems is in early childhood and infancy. So it is very important for them to must know the difference.

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Consult With The Pediatrician:

Since, it is difficult for parents to know the difference between baby fat and obesity. You can consult with the pediatrician to remove the confusion. Children who are obese can easily be diagnosed by a pediatrician. There are some measurements that need to be taken in order to know body mass index. The pediatrician will tell you if your child is showing any signs of getting obese. If there is no sign shown then rest is the baby fat.

baby fat and obesity
baby fat and obesity

Change In The Activity Level:

A change in the activity level is another way to know the difference between baby fat and obesity. Children who are obese are limited to perform their regular activities. They get tired easily and we all know that children are very active, so if your child is getting tired even in his childhood, then he is maybe getting obese. You can find and consult with the best child specialist in Islamabad just by visiting Marham.pk.

baby fat and obesity
baby fat and obesity

Baby Fat Is Normal, Obesity Is Not:

A child who is chubby and fat always looks cute and adorable to us. Since baby fat is very normal, several children get baby fat in their childhood but some of them become obese which is not normal. That is the major difference between these two terms. Baby fat can be shed easily when a child gets bigger with the passage of time. But if your child is obese then you can notice that your child is not losing weight at all or gaining even more. To get an online consultation with the best nutritionist in Karachi, you can visit Marham.pk.

Early interventions always play a major role in order to control something. Being a parent it is your responsibility to keep a check on your children. Only you can know them better and only you can help them grow better.

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