Wondering What To Do In This Lockdown? Here’s What I’ve Been Up To

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Everyone -in this time of quarantine– is trying to experiment new stuff. New looks, new recipes, new skills because clearly, after a while, we have a lot of time to play around with new activities. Similarly, here I am trying to do the same. Yes, I am also trying to fix those things I haven’t paid attention to for a while, or maybe you can say since a very long time. Here’s an insight into my current activities in lockdown (most of them turned out to be a complete failure). Don’t judge and enjoy reading!

1. Working On Improving My Routine

Working on my daily routine was always important to me. I always thought of improving it whenever I had time to (got to know it had nothing to do with time). To be very honest, the easiest thing I always did was to let go of my routine in any situation. I’ve been the only person in my family to have worse sleeping habits. Sleeping for 3-4 hours max and functioning well, I never thought it would be an issue. Since you will not always have the energy of a teenager, these things are what you’ll have to rethink about once you cross your twenties. Not very long ago, I also decided to work on my routine and apparently this is a perfect time to fix it. But guess what, I’ve failed so far.

2. Fixing Up Stuff Which I’ve Ignored For A While

If I am not wrong, many women are also up to the same thing. Fixing your lost beauty, to be precise. Exactly like that, I’ve also focused on self-care and also am trying to make it a regular part of my daily routine.

3. Organising And Cleaning

Cleaning up and organising stuff around the house is my most favourite thing to do (sometimes gets on my nerves). Keeping things organised was once my hobby, can’t exactly remember when it actually became my habit because it has been with me since a while. So yes, that’s also what I try to do.

4. Painting

As I’ve been off of creativity since a while, it is getting quite difficult for me to get back on track. Rather than actually painting, I spend a chunk of time scrolling through Pinterest and pinning images which I know I’ll never paint. In other words, I’ve been experiencing a creativity block which I tried overcoming by ‘almost’ painting something. By mentioning almost, I meant to say that the painting had been left incomplete with no intention of completing it in the near future. So, I’ll consider it a failure too.

5. Having Quite Heated Arguments With My Siblings

Being realistic, quarrelling never gets old not even when we grow old. No matter how old you are, fighting and arguing with siblings will always be a thing. I’d like to say that is certainly not a failure.

6. Working Out

Sports and working out has always been a very major part of my life and a regular part of my daily routine. It won’t be wrong if I say sports is my passion and luckily, I’ve never found myself laying lazy. Thanks to sports!. Quite proudly stating, workout game is going strong till yet.

7. Gaming

I’ve been always a fan of gaming, be it PS or Xbox I can play that for hours. Not to forget, it is one major reason behind the quarrel between us, specially in this lockdown period.

8. Watching Grey’s Anatomy

Not ever being a science student, I still somehow developed an interest in medical studies. No, I am not a doctor and I never planned to become one, still I wanted to study a lot about medical stuff. Interestingly, I landed into journalism which had not much to do with medicine, I decided I’ll work somewhere which will keep me connected to my interests. Sums up my reason ending up in Marham and similarly, Grey’s Anatomy is the best thing to watch in a situation like mine. I’ve never been a fan of such lengthy seasons but here I am watching it on my sister’s insistence. I must say, this is by far the best part of my lockdown routine.

9. Writing A Journal

Writing a journal was never my type of a thing, but free time makes you do much more than you think of yourself. A few months back, I was gifted a beautiful journal by my favourite friend which I never planned to use. Mentioning that I love collecting stationary and journals but I never use them. It would’ve happened again if it wasn’t this lockdown we’re trapped in.

10. Most importantly: Working and missing my friends

Working from home is a unique experience for me which I am not liking much. I was always a type of person that liked having people around but still working while having my headphones on. It is a very different feeling not exactly to be explained in words, having people around but still working in your own little space. Working from home has never been my thing and will be in the future as well.
I miss my friends, I miss having coffee with them, I miss having them around but I guess this is what it is important to keep all of us safe. We’re still connected though.

This quarantine period made me experience a new type of work which was Online Consultations. I’ve written my experience in detail in another blog.

I’ve been a very proud part of Marham, not because of the people only but because how we are always prepared to help people in the best way. Working on online consultation has given me a new approach and a new hope. So many people around the country have already been helped and by talking to them and listening to their experience, I couldn’t be much proud!

Summing up, this is what I’ve been up to in this lockdown and also, I am trying to be a responsible citizen by staying at home staying safe.

Are you staying at home too?

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Javeria Adil Chughtai

Javeria Adil Chughtai

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