World Vitiligo Day: Keep Calm And Love The Skin

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“If you have Vitiligo, you are part of the 1% of the world’s population who are affected by this auto-immune disease. You are Unique and Unique is beautiful

We celebrate different days on different dates. However, some of them are celebrated to raise awareness. Just like them, June 25th is world Vitiligo day. On this day millions of people across the world come together to increase awareness of Vitiligo, fight discrimination, and raise funds for research, support, and education. When I was asked to write a blog on vitiligo, it was felt like a bird is going to be free from his cage. Not because I myself am suffering from this disease and I want to talk about this but because I have people in my life with vitiligo and I had a close look on their life and their struggle living with vitiligo. Before moving forward I would like to give you a brief introduction to vitiligo. So that you can also raise awareness.

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What Is Vitiligo and Vitiligo day?

There are different skin diseases and vitiligo is one of them. It is a disease that causes the loss of skin color in blotches. The extent and rate of color loss in vitiligo are unpredictable. When you have vitiligo the cells that are responsible for your skin color are destroyed. These cells are called melanocytes. In vitiligo, these cells no longer produce the skin pigment called melanin. And once the cells no longer produce the melanin, areas of your skin will lose color or turn white.

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World vitiligo day
World vitiligo day

Support People With Vitiligo And Quit Staring:

You don’t have to worry because vitiligo is not contagious at all. It does not spread from person to person. So, stop making distance with people with vitiligo. They want acceptability and support from this society. I have a friend with vitiligo and all in her life she got weird stares and bullying from people around her. Even she was rejected by men because of her skin. There was a time when her relatives asked her to settle on less educated man. She was determined to prove them all wrong but without support, it couldn’t be possible.

She loves herself but whenever she goes out and people keep staring at her she feels odd and worthless. I always told her she’s beautiful and attractive. Not because I try to be a good friend but because I truly find her pretty and catchy. And whenever she heard this from me that sparkle in her eyes is worth a million. People in this materialistic word only see a beautiful face but it cannot hide an ugly heart for long. If you see anyone with a vitiligo, support them and look beyond the skin color. There might be a good soul and a good heart in there.

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Celebrities You Didn’t Know Have Vitiligo:

This is for you if you have a vitiligo. I have told this to my friend as well that there are many successful people out there who didn’t make their vitiligo a barrier in their life. Michael Jackson is the most famous person who had vitiligo. He always said that he had vitiligo and that the condition was making his skin lighten in patches all over the body. “Pretty Little Liars” star Holly Marie Combs has vitiligo on both her hands. Jon Hamm has stress-induced vitiligo that affects his hands. Moreover, Film star Steve Martin, comedian Joe Rogan, NBA player Rasheed Wallace, “Reno 911” star Thomas Lennon, “Top Gear” host Richard Hammonds, and veteran Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan also suffers from vitiligo. When all of these famous personalities became successful in their life then you can also be like them. I know you have to be little more strong and passionate but at the end all worth it. Recognize your superpower and believe in yourself.

World vitiligo day
World vitiligo day

You shouldn’t be ashamed of your Vitiligo. You are beautiful inside and outside. It makes you the best person when you accept your imperfections and those of others. No one is this world is perfect, so just keep calm and love the skin!

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