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4 Major Causes Of Hair Loss In Children


Reading Time: 3 minutes

Hair loss has always been seen as an adult’s problem but some hair loss is also normal in children. However, if your child is losing excessive amounts of hair then it’s better to look for the root cause....

World vitiligo day

World Vitiligo Day: Keep Calm And Love The Skin


Reading Time: 4 minutes

“If you have Vitiligo, you are part of the 1% of the world’s population who are affected by this auto-immune disease. You are Unique and Unique is beautiful” We celebrate different days on different dates. However, some of...

choosing a dermatologist

5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Dermatologist


Reading Time: 2 minutes

Your skin is the biggest organ of your body and responsible for several functions that are fundamental to your survival, so why believe it to simply anybody? Regardless of whether you’re battling with skin inflammation or searching for...

Dermatologist in Karachi

Top 5 Best Dermatologists In Karachi


Reading Time: 3 minutes

Skin is one of the largest organs of your body. It is very important for you to take care of your skin because every day it works hard to protect your body from many harmful elements. It is...