3 Subtle Signs That Your Liver Is Not Healthy

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If you think pain is the only sign to tell you that your liver health is not good then you need to update yourself. There is more than the pain and yellow skin to tell you that something is wrong with your liver and its need your attention. Although the liver is pretty capable of repairing damaged cells, after a persistent amount of damage these cells can never heal. This can further result in cirrhosis and once this happens then the signs and symptoms of liver damage will be more severe. So, it is very important for you to know these sneaky signs that your liver is not healthy.

1. Your Skin Is Becoming Itchy:

Itchy skin can occur to anyone for several reasons and you probably don’t take it seriously unless there is a rash. But your itchy skin can also be a sign of liver damage. Yes, it can occur when bile is present in the bloodstream due to liver damage. When your bile duct is blocked, the bile flows back into the bloodstream, which accumulates under the skin and causes itching.

2.Bruising And Bleeding:

When you get a little injured and you discover that you bruise and bleed easily then this might be a sign that your liver is not healthy. This means that proteins that you need to clot your blood are no longer being produced in sufficient amount. In such a case, you immediately need to consult with the hematologist. He will examine you in detail and may recommend the correct treatment for your condition.

3.Spider Angiomas:

Have you ever notice small, spider-like capillaries visible under your skin? They are caused by higher levels of estrogen. These spider angiomas indicate that your liver is not functioning properly and not metabolizing your hormones. These hideous veins often appear on your face and legs because of the enlargement of the arterioles.

Moreover, your lack of concentration can also be an actual sign of an unhealthy liver. If your liver is not functioning properly it can affect your brain too. The unhealthy liver also causes fatigue which further affects the mental clarity. So, be watchful for these signs and make an appointment with the doctor if you notice anything wrong.

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