4 Acupressure Points to Ease Aches and Pains

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Acupressure is one of the ancient therapies that can help patients get relief from pain without the involvement of drugs and medicines. Chinese are availing benefits of this therapy since ages. In acupressure therapy, there are certain points in the body that are pressurized to promote relaxation and treat body aches.

When people feel any pain they simply rush for the medicine that temporarily subsides the pain. In this article, some of the acupressure points are discussed that can ease chronic pain without an involvement of heavy dosage of medicine. And guess what? At times, a patient can practice it on his/her own body without a need of any helper.
shouder pain

In a minute you will get awareness of few pressure points that will help you get relief from chronic pain.

Get relief from Headaches:

To get rid of a headache instantly, pressure should be applied between the eyes or area between the eyebrows. It works like a magic and person can feel calm and relaxed within few minutes. However, pressure should be applied gently and preferably with index finger or thumb.

Get Rid of an Earache:

To get an instant relief from an ear pain, there is a pressure point just behind the earlobe which can be pressurized mildly to feel relaxed. You can find and consult with the best ENT specialist as well if this doesn’t seem to work. Marham.pk is the right choice to book an appointment with the best ENT specialist in Karachi, Lahore or any other main city of Pakistan.

Get Rid of Shoulder/Neck Pain:

Young generation finds it really hard to leave their smartphones, tabs, and laptops which is one of the major causes of shoulder and neck pain.
neck pain
One gets a relief from it through acupressure therapy which can be done by the sufferer on its own. Pressure should be applied to Wind Mansion Point (It is the area on the back of a head just below the skull base). It makes blood flow easy and a person feels composed again.

Get Rid of Nausea/Vomiting:

There are multiple reasons for nausea such as motion sickness, stress, pregnancy etc. In order to feel better one should apply pressure in between the two large tendons located in the wrist. Pressure should be applied to the middle and index finger.

So why rush to a medical store to grab medicines? Apply these methods to yourself and get instant relief with no expense at all!

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Amina Hameed
Amina is an MBA from Lahore school of economics who had also been a Former Cultural ambassador of Pakistan (USEFP). Amina writes to throw a light on the importance of healthcare system in Pakistan. She is indeed a passionate writer when comes to health, fitness and lifestyle.