5 Causes Of Bad Oral Hygiene

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Oral health is very important when the point comes to our whole body health. If our oral health is not proper our whole body cannot maintain its proper systems and functions. Our mouth is basically the starting point of our gastrointestinal system. If we have any disturbance in our oral cavity, it surely affects our GIT (gastrointestinal tract) one way or the other. Our mouth harbor many bacteria both good and bad ones. Good bacteria are helpful in maintaining the homeostasis (balanced environment) in our mouth. And to control the growth of bad bacteria we have to minimize the causes behind it.

Here are some common reasons due to which our oral health is badly affected. For avoiding it, we should avoid the following things and maintain our oral hygiene, which is very necessary for our healthy life.

Not proper cleaning teeth

Proper tooth brushing with the right type of toothbrush and paste is very important. Regular dental flossing is also necessary after meals. At least two times tooth brushing in a day is recommended by the dentists to maintain oral hygiene. Other than this, if you have gingivitis or some mild type of dental issue like bad breath, in these types of situations dentists usually recommend mouthwashes also.

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Smoking and Other Bad Habits:

Smoking, overuse of tea and coffee, chewing tobacco, Paan and other drugs also destroy our oral health. It is very difficult to maintain our oral hygiene with these types of habits. These drugs not only damage our teeth and gums but also badly affect the whole body.

Poor Eating Habits:

Lots of sugars and use of fizzy drinks are also the cause of bad oral hygiene. On one hand, we are not taking a proper diet containing essential vitamins and mineral, on the other hand, we are eating junk food and more amount of sugars. In this type of situation, we are only damaging our oral health. You can easily book an appointment with the best dentist in Lahore or any other city of Pakistan via marham.pk

In Between Snacking:

This is a very important factor which affects the oral hygiene. As we take snacks in between our meals and at midnight and we do not brush our teeth after that, that produce bad conditions in our mouth. We should properly rinse our mouth with water or brush our teeth after taking these snacks like biscuits, chips, etc.

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Not visiting a Dentist for Regular Check-ups:

It is recommended to visit your dentist every six months for regular check-ups. So that we can avoid any tooth decay and gum diseases. If we did not visit them on time, we are at high risk of getting bad oral health.

To maintain oral hygiene keep in mind these points and enjoy a healthy life.

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