5 Simple Alteration To Tame Your Sweet Tooth

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After taking a meal or with the sip of tea or just in midnight if you desire to take sugary foods and most often fulfill this desire then maybe you are at the risk of getting high blood sugar level. This can be dangerous for you as it can lead to obesity, diabetes and heart problems. To consult the best cardiologist in Lahore you can visit Marham, as the residents of Lahore is more habitual of eating these food items at the stake of heart health. Here we are telling you some simple ways to control sugar cravings without taking sugary foods.

Take More Proteins and Fats:

Sometimes, sugar cravings arise due to more consumption of carbohydrates and not getting enough protein and fats. Fewer proteins and fats make you deficient in many amino acids and fatty acids in result your body asks for energy in terms of carbohydrate. Taking foods high in proteins and healthy fats can help you to reduce sugar cravings.

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Get Moving:

Exercise releases endorphins that sugary foods release and make you feel that you eat sugary food. Just a few steps walk or a few minutes of jumping can dodge the sugar craving.

Get Moving

Get Proper Sleep:

Insufficient sleep affects the normal blood sugar level by altering the workability of insulin; the hormone which controls blood sugar level and makes you feel that you have to need some sugary item. Make the proper sleep your priority to avoid sugar cravings.

Take Adequate Chromium:

Mostly considered as less important mineral, chromium is the helper of insulin to regulate blood glucose and is important for balancing blood sugar levels. 200mcg of this mineral can effectively save you from unnecessary sugar cravings.

Maintain B-Vitamins Level:

The family of vitamin B is your friend in the fight against sugar cravings as it regulates carbohydrate metabolism. These vitamins balanced the carbohydrate consumption and level in the body. So to avoid sugary foods maintain your vitamin B level.

Maintain B-Vitamins Level

  • These little alterations will not only eradicate your sugar cravings but also help you to get idol body weight, just your dedicated efforts are needed for it.

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