7 Foods to Combat Sleep Disturbances

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The night is to take rest for refreshing the body and brain to combat next day challenges. And if this refreshing act gets disturbed than how can you manage another day? If you are struggling for good sleep than before using sleeping pills try following natural tranquilizers.


This little red fruit is a natural reservoir of melatonin; the sleep-inducing chemical. Studies revealed that sipping cherry juice improves the sleep duration and quality and even cures chronic insomnia. So add these tiny fruits in your night meal to fall asleep soon.


It is not an old wives’ tale that drinking milk before sleep helps you drift into dreams soon. It contains the tryptophan amino acid the precursor to the serotonin which induces sleep. So make a habit of drinking milk before bedtime.

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Bananas are nutrient reservoirs and contain enough amounts of magnesium and potassium. These two minerals are good muscle relaxants and make you sleepy. You can eat two bananas before sleep to have sweet dreams.

Sweet Potatoes:

This sweet tasting natural food is a real sleep inducer. It not only contains sleep promoting carbohydrates but also provide muscle-relaxant potassium. So take a few chunks of sweet potatoes in your night meal to make your night charmed with a comfortable slumber.


These tiny nuts are known for their varied health benefits. Now it is claimed that they are best to make you sleepy. They are enriched with melatonin; sleep-inducing chemical and magnesium; the natural muscle relaxants. In addition to these sleep-friendly chemicals, it reduces the level of cortisol which interrupts your natural sleep.

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White Rice

It is low fiber, nutrients, and antioxidants diet but contains surplus amounts of vitamins and nutrients like folate, thiamin, and manganese. Taking white rice one and half hour before sleep can promote sleep and also increase sleep duration.


The brain-shaped nuts are enriched with a variety of nutrients like magnesium, phosphorus, copper, and manganese. But its sleep-inducing power lies in its fat makeup. Omega 3 fatty acids of fats produce special brain chemical serotonin which enhances the quality of sleep.

Ditch your sleeping pills and add these natural sleep booster to indulge in sweet dreams.

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