5 Things That You Should Know About Breast Cancer Surgery In Pakistan

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Nearly 40,000 women die in Pakistan every year due to breast cancer. Pakistan has the highest incidence of Asia which is largely due to the lack of awareness regarding this problem among women. Just by early diagnosis, breast cancer can be cured and efficient treatment options are available.

Breast cancer treatment in Pakistan is performed by well-qualified doctors and can be carried out successfully in the majority of the cases. In this article, we’ll take a look at the five important things that you should know about breast cancer surgery in Pakistan.

What is breast cancer surgery?

Breast cancer surgery is primarily the major component of breast cancer treatment that involves removing cancer with an operation. Breast cancer surgery can be done alone or in combination with other treatments like chemotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted therapy and radiation therapy. In women where there is a serious risk of breast cancer, breast cancer surgery may be an option to reduce the risk of developing future breast cancer.

Breast cancer surgery includes different procedures, which are as follows:

  • Surgery to remove the complete breast (mastectomy)
  • Surgery to remove a portion/part of the breast tissue (lumpectomy)
  • Surgery to remove nearby lymph nodes
  • Surgery to reconstruct a breast after mastectomy

The decision that which breast cancer operation is best for you depends on the size and stage of your cancer, other treatment options, your goals/preferences and ultimately the decision is taken by your doctor.

Best Doctors For Breast Cancer Surgery:

Prof. Dr. Syed Imran Hussain Andrabi:

Prof. Dr. Syed Imran Hussain Andrabi is a consultant general and laparoscopic surgeon and regarded one of the best of his specialty in Lahore. A foreign qualified doctor, he has done MBBS, FCPS (Pak), FRCS (Ire), Intercollegiate Specialty Board Certified FRCS in General Surgery from Royal College of Surgeons of UK and Ireland (Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Dublin) and has a vast experience of 22 years.

When it comes to breast cancer treatment and its surgery, Dr. Andrabi is the best in town. Breast cancer surgery is his special area of interest he is one of the best surgeons in Lahore for this. Dr. Andrabi is enormously famous for managing patients as if he’s treating a family member i.e with respect and dignity. He is a highly experienced and qualified surgeon with a solid professional background and also has more than 30 publications. You can book an appointment with him by calling at Marham helpline: 042-32591427.

Dr. Maryam Jamil:

Dr. Maryam Jamil is a consultant general surgeon practicing at Doctors Hospital, Lahore. She is among the most competent surgeons in Lahore. She has specialized in breast cancer surgery and expertly deals with breast cancer cases. She has done her MBBS from Lahore Medical and Dental College, FCPS in General Surgery from College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan and MRCS in Medicine from Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh UK.

Breast cancer surgery cost in Pakistan:

The cost varies depending upon the surgeon who performs the surgery, type of the surgery, materials used and hospital expenditure/equipment. Breast cancer surgery cost in Pakistan ranges from PKR 100,000 to PKR 250,000.

FAQs about breast cancer surgery:

Q: How long does it take to recover from breast cancer surgery?
A: If there aren’t any complications, the incisions should heal within three to four weeks. If you have lymph nodes removed during your mastectomy, then the healing might take somewhat longer.

Q: Is breast cancer surgery painful?
A: Pain can be experienced as a side effect of treatment. Swelling of the arm, hand, or chest wall caused by the build-up of lymph fluid in those tissues after breast cancer surgery can also cause pain.

Q: What happens during breast cancer surgery?
A: The purpose of breast cancer surgery is to remove cancer cells from your breast. There are further types of breast cancer surgery which may be performed depending upon the patient condition.

Breast cancer surgery success rate:

If the cancer is located only in the breast and treated timely, the 5-year survival rate of women with breast cancer is 99%. The success of breast cancer surgery largely depends upon that at what stage of the cancer is surgery performed and how early the cancer was diagnosed. Therefore, you should visit a doctor as soon as you notice any symptoms of breast cancer.

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