5 Ways To Keep Yourself Hydrated In This Hot And Humid Weather

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Weather conditions have a great effect on our mood and body. We feel refresh and relax when it’s windy outside whereas we feel irritated and annoyed in extreme and humid weather. However, it is also very important to keep yourself hydrated under hot weather conditions. It will help you to beat the heat and avoid heat-related illness. You can also find and consult with the best nutritionist in Islamabad through Marham.pk.

Nowadays, in Pakistan, we are facing extreme weather conditions in which we are at high risk of getting dehydrated. So, you must try your best to lower this risk. Here are 5 ways which may help you to keep yourself hydrated in this hot and humid weather:

1.Drink Water Before You Feel Thirsty:

Most of the people wait for the time when they feel thirsty to drink the water. However, you shouldn’t do this to yourself. In fact, it is important for you to drink water before you even begin to feel thirsty. Especially, in a country like Pakistan where weather conditions are extremely hot. You may have not aware that your body uses thirst to indicate that you are approaching dehydration. So, it is best and healthy for you to drink water before your body reaches that point.

beat the heat
beat the heat

2.Keep A Water Bottle With You:

It is the best way to prevent dehydration. First of all, you should avoid getting out unnecessarily in this weather. But if for a reason you have to go outside then keep a water bottle with you. This will remind you to drink water in case you forget to drink or don’t feel thirsty. You can also get an online consultation with the best nutritionist in Lahore through Marham.pk.

3.Eat High Water Content Meals:

There are many fruits and vegetables that are high in water content. Watermelon, oranges, grapefruits, coconuts, radish, cucumber, spinach, and celery are the best options. Try to add these in your meals and snacks. To book an online appointment with the best nutritionist in Karachi, visit Marham.pk.

4.Limit Your Caffeine Intake:

Some people are tea and coffee addict that they don’t even quit them in extremely hot weather. Well! I’m also one of those people but yes it’s not good at all. Caffeine sucks the moisture out of our body and leaves us behind dehydrated. We should avoid it as much as possible especially in this weather.

5.Have Sports Drink During Exercise:

Excess sweating is quite common during exercise and other physical activities, especially in this hot weather. Under such circumstances, sports drinks might be more useful than water to keep yourself hydrated. However, it will also refill any nutrients lost in your sweat.

beat the heat
beat the heat

If you have had dehydration and heat illness in the past then you need to be extra more careful. You may be more at risk to repeat those conditions. Follow these tips and stay hydrated.

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