6 Life Threatening Side Effects of Snoring

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Does your partner snore? You know it’s not just your sleep that gets wrecked by them snoring loud? Some serious health issues for your partner might be cooking under cover due to sleep apnea. Sleep apnea or snoring during sleep might be considered very harmless but it’s not. Many serious consequences may result just due to sleep apnea.
Another myth widely believed is that there is no cure for sleep apnea. Whereas actually there are many treatment options and helpful resorts available to cure this disturbing situation. Let’s have a closer look at what’s happening to the health and wellbeing of the poor person snoring right next to you.


You may find it common among people who snore to drift into sleep every now and then. It’s because of sleep apnea and difficult, disrupted breathing at night, that results in breaking their sleep cycle many times every single night.

Prone to Accidents:

All this lack of sleep may take a toll on the person suffering exhausting their brain and heart leading to stroke and heart attacks. Also during the day, this leads to poor concentration, disinterest and results in car accidents, and injuries. If you find trouble concentrating then it might be indicating depression or other psychological disorders. Find and consult with the best psychologist in Karachi, Lahore other main cities of Pakistan via Marham.pk.
side effects of sleep apnea


People suffering from sleep apnea are also affected by high blood pressure. Studies show that among 50% of people having sleep apnea 30% have hypertension as well. Many a time this goes undiagnosed until it becomes evident after an emergency situation.

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Low Blood Oxygen Concentration:

Due to disrupted breathing during sleep oxygen content of blood also drops. People suffering from sleep apnea fail to maintain a normal blood oxygen level that is 94-98%. Due to reduced breathing, their blood oxygen level falls to less than 80%.


It has been found that people suffering from a stroke are also found to be suffering from sleep apnea in their lives. Sleep apnea was 60-80% prevalent in people suffering from the stroke.

Metabolic Side Effects of Sleep Apnea:

Sleep apnea is found to be associated with the development of type-2 diabetes, obesity and glucose intolerance.

If you are suffering from sleep apnea you have higher chances of developing these metabolic disorders.

Don’t take snoring of anyone in your family lightly. Do insist for a proper checkup and treatment. Timely interventions may help saving life and health of your loved ones.

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