6 Things You Do That Cause Hair Fall

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There are many elements include which form our lifestyle, from what we eat to the way of how we handle our hair & take care of it, can affect & influence our hair. Although, losing a few hair strands is deliberately normal, it is when you start shedding bunch of hair that hold-up a lot of red flags. So, If you are wondering about your mistakes, below are some common errors that leads to hair thinning and results in breakage.

1- Taking Hot Showers.

Everyone loves hot showers because it gives comforts to the body & some says that their pain go away after the Hot Shower, But, you should know that it take the moisture out of the strands (just like skin), and uncover the scalp of its natural oils, leading the hair to dry, delicate hair that is more prone to breakage. So, Instead go for lukewarm water and try to wash of your hair with the coolest temperature.

2- Combing Wet Hair.

Our hair strands are never more feeble and likely to break when wet. Hence, it is eminent to use a wide toothed comb or let them dry first before you perform any styling.

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3-Wearing Tight Hairstyles.

Making a very pulled & tight hair style or pony tails will make your hair roots weaker. Pulling your hair too tight from the roots causes loss of hair. Hence, It should be avoided. Also, do not make inflexible & compact hair ties at night.

4- Layering Too Many Products.

There is are many hair products available in the market, which promises gorgeous, shiny & long hair. However, using too many of these chemical loaded products could prove harm in the long run. It is best to give them a break and try natural home remedies instead.

5- Not Washing Hair Often.

Skipping regular washes could lead to too much product buildup on the scalp that can clog hair follicles results in hair loss. It is essential to wash your hair every two days especially if you are sweating or using a lot of different products.

6- Skipping Meals.

Starving yourself, or crash dieting can cause malnutrition which could have a negative effect on your hair. Include plenty of lean protein in your diet to restrict hair loss. You should drink fruit Juices & increase the intake of different Vitamin & calcium products for hair thickening.

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