Are You Suffering From An Allergy?

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Allergies are due to the elements that you are sensitive to, like flower seeds, pollens, animal furs and hair it can be anything and is different for every person. It can be due to some food which is normal for most people but you get a bad reaction after eating it. Your immune system consists of antibodies that can easily identify the allergy to be harmful or not. Allergies can cause inflammation of your skin and other systems. You can have ear, nose, eyes, and mouth and skin allergies. If you feel it is to be threatening immediately go in the emergency. Book an appointment with the best general physician in Lahore, Karachi or other main cities of Pakistan via Marham. Allergies can be both minor and fatal. Most allergies are so fatal that they can’t be cured but treatments are always available to relieve the pain.

You are Suffering from an Allergy if:

  1. Your nose is stuffy or blocked.
  2. You face a sinus issue.
  3. Skin is itching or redness on the skin.
  4. Problems indigestion.
  5. Mild irritation of the skin.
  6. You may feel feverish.
  7. Swelling of eyes.
  8. Watery discharge from eyes.
  9. Allergy to food may have swollen lips, red tongue, and itching on face or neck.
  10. Allergy caused by insect bite may promote a cough, tightness in chest and breathing problem.
  11. If you are allergic to any drug you may face itchy skin swelling on face and body or eczema too.
  12. Flakes of skin and peeling off of skin are the most common reaction to drug allergy.
  13. Some allergies are so severe that you need to see your doctor and it can result in loss of consciousness, rashes on the skin, loss of pulse, vomiting and you can go into shock also.

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When to Seek Help?

When your medication doesn’t provide you relief from pain and other symptoms go see your family physician or when you face some symptoms from the current medication you are using. If you have a severe reaction to something call for medical help right away don’t wait for it to go on its own. Your symptoms can improve after injections but they can return after effects of injection wears off. If you are prone to allergies make appointments with your doctor after a few weeks interval for the proper treatment. Don’t make your case complicated and visit the doctor nearest to you.

How can Asthma & Allergy be Diagnosed, Treated & Prevented By Dr. Osman Yusuf:

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