Can Smart Phones Give Cancer? Find Out The Truth

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Have you heard statements like “Smartphones cause cancer.” “Vaccines are a source of autism” and misconceptions about polio drops as well? Many conspiracy theories have penetrated into our society. You would see a huge number of people defending these without exact knowledge of the facts. We wish to clarify at least one of these today giving you a sneak peek into the latest research studies and expert opinions on smartphones and cancer linkage.

A Recent Announcement by FDA:

Food and drug authority of the United States has just stated the results of research where it clearly mentions that cell phones do not cause cancer. However, cell phones were found to cause brain tumors in rats which were the subjects in this study. This research continued for 10 years and we can certainly rely on the results.

Also in this research, an older technology was used whereas modern smartphones release far less radioactive emissions compared to that.

FDA and NAtional toxicology program agree that these finding cannot be extrapolated to the use of cell phones by humans.

What other Experts Say?

Many well-known scientists and doctors of this era do not agree with these results and announcement by the FDA. They believe that the FDA is highly influenced by industry and mostly results findings are heavily influenced. Without any confusion cell phone does emit radiations and even a low level of these can build up over time and show effects.

Some researchers say that as the cell phones operate at a very low frequency of radio waves that is equal to 1 watt, it is physically not possible for these to affect the human body. They believe that these just do not possess enough energy to do so.


What We Should Do?

For all of us who are still waiting for science to establish a smoking gun link between cancer and smartphones, there are some strategies to reduce radiation exposure.

Experts agree that we should do every best effort we can to limit the exposure to radiations from smartphones.

These include:

  • Not putting your phone close to your body such as in pockets.
  • Avoiding to sleep with a cell phone under your pillow.
  • Using traditional plug-in sort of hand free and headphones.
  • Limiting the use of Bluetooth headphones as these also use radio waves for operation.
  • Minimizing the use of these devices in kids as they are far more sensitive to these radiations.
  • Maintaining as much distance as possible from the source of radiation such as wifi routers.


Besides cancers, there are many other disadvantages and hazards associated with the use of mobile phones. Top of the list is the use of these devices while driving. While you can only worry about cancers due to phones you can do a lot to reduce other problems due to these such as sleep disturbances and car accidents. Put the phone down and interact with people around you and instead of taking pictures of that glorious sunset go actually enjoy it with your own eyes. Life is passing by quickly while you are absorbed in the limited world of smartphones.

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