What are Eye-Floaters? 8 Potential Causes

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You were admiring the deep blue sky and suddenly an abstract image came into your field of vision out of nowhere. You worry for a while about your eye health and this image drifts away. You forget it. Until someday it hits back totally uninvited.

What is it? These are called eye floaters. These appear as small spots and may standout when you stare at a bright object, a paper sheet or sky. These are annoying and fearful at times. Where somebody may start thinking if they are having hallucinations or some other mysterious phenomenon is taking place. Eye floaters are totally harmless as long as these do not interfere your vision.

You have to adjust with eye floaters and rarely these do need a treatment.


Eye floaters are called so because these float into your vision and slid away when you try to focus on these. Once you start getting these they might never go. But you start to ignore these more often. These might be;

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  • Dark black or brown spots
  • Scrambled designs
  • Structured lines
  • See through strands
  • Rings


Eye floaters are small specks of collagen protein which shrinks to small strands and clump together as you age. Shadows of these clumps are floaters.

Some diseases may also be the root cause for floaters like;

Sometimes serious disorders may be associated with floaters like;

  • Tear in retina
  • Retinal detachment
  • Internal bleeding in eye
  • Eye-related tumors

When to Worry?


You see a few eye floaters that do not change much. Relax. It’s nothing serious. But you need to find and consult the best eye doctor in Lahore, Karachi or other main cities of Pakistan if:

  • You feel pain
  • Any sudden changes in vision
  • Abrupt increase in floaters
  • Flashes
  • Diminished side vision
  • Eye injury


As said these are harmless as long as your vision is spared. If these bother you:

  • Try to get these out of your field of vision
  • Look away
  • Look up or down

If these are too many and block your sight your doctor may suggest a surgery called vitrectomy. But this is a rare case.

Your eyes are your windows to this beautiful world. Take good care of these and never delay your annual eye check-up.

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