How Job Stress Affects Our Heart Health

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‘Worked to death’ ever heard about it? It is said that what you think and feel at work affects your cardiovascular health directly. Different jobs around the world have different environments. Some are very strict and steady about work and some are easy going ones that let their employees work on their own pace. All these jobs have their own kids of stress, Some people take stress in a way that it becomes harmful for them. Whereas some people cope with stress in a much better way than others. Some individuals even thrive as the stress drives them to work harder and more encouraged than before. So the question is that is the job stress actually bad for your heart health? Here’s what we have found out.

When there are things that upset us at work and we keep that inside, it increases the risk of heart attacks. Try to find strategies to divert yourself from anger. If you are finding it difficult to tackle problems with your office people, your manager, your HR department or your colleagues, you can at least try to manage your anger with the following methods:

  • Do The Opposite. Instead of cursing and swearing the people and for the things happening around you, consider that there might be a reason behind what they are doing. try empathizing with them and understanding what might have gone wrong with them.
  • Choose Smart Words. Start using nicer words. The steer clear words like “never” or “always” are not preferred as they sound a little rude. Using these words to justify your anger won’t help because there’s no way to solve the problem like this.
  • Get Real With Your Expectations. Don’t blame yourself for things that are out of your control, and don’t blame your boss for things that are out of their control.

How Does Your Job Affect Your Heart?

Job stress can cause the heart arteries to narrow down and also the blood pressure to rise, which eventually results in blood platelets to become stickier. All of these factors are directly linked to heart attacks.
Job stress has so much more than just heart health issues.
It results in:

  • Poor sleep
  • Lack of physical exercise
  • Increased smoking habit due to stress
  • Heavy alcohol intake
  • Binge eating
  • Weight gain

Stress is also caused by working at odd hours and shifts which can lead you towards:

What Can You Do To Reduce Job Stress?

It is nearly impossible to reduce job stress in such a fast-paced society and environment nowadays. Managing job stress is not an easy thing to do.
However, here are some things that can be done to utilize job stress in a better way.

  • Regular Exercise:
    Try to take short breaks whenever it is possible and move around as much as you can. There isn’t any hard activity required, you can only go out and walk around which is definitely better than just sitting at the desk all day. You don’t always need a heavy workout sometimes light activities such as walking can also be the thing you want.
  • Relax:
    Relaxing is the best thing you can do for your heart health. It is beneficial for your overall health and fitness. Think of picking up a new activity and try spending your time in it.

In many situation and cases, we can not help our work stress. But we can try to make it better by a few good activities planned for ourselves. It can be a great improvement to our health. Try to quit smoking, quit aggressive behaviour and stop overthinking about work. Try eating a sensible diet and keep your activities healthy.

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