How To Really Help Someone With Social Anxiety?

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We have been talked about how we can help ourselves to deal with different mental health issues. We have also learned how to cope with our feelings but sometimes it is not easy to figure out your own mental disturbances. This is the time when that person who is suffering needs help from someone else. If you have a friend, a colleague and a family member who is facing mental health issues then it is your responsibility to help them, because one of the biggest problems concerning mental illness is the lack of guidance.

Social anxiety disorder is one of the common mental illnesses. It is not only about shyness or introversion, but the extreme fear of being judged or victimized in social performance situations. If you see someone have the fear of being the center of attention and is clearly showing the signs of anxiety in social situations, then take him to the psychiatrist or follow the below mentioned ways to actually help him.

1.Talk To Them:

First of all, talk to the person who is struggling with social anxiety. Ask him about his feelings and thoughts. Try to understand what the root cause is behind this all. And if he has had some horrendous experiences which lead him to anxiety then try to make it easy for him to move on.

2.Focus On Their Feelings:

It is not appropriate to ask why the person is feeling anxious. Always ask about his feelings and encourage them to list their symptoms. Don’t ask him to control his feelings instead give the sufferer room to feel without interruption. If they want to cry then let them cry and let the pressure release faster.

3.Use Distraction Techniques:

It is always good to distract the anxious brain; it enables the sufferer to calm down naturally. You can suggest the sufferer read a good book or play a game. If the person doesn’t show any interests in any of these activities then take him for a walk and let him breathe in a fresh air. But if nothing works take them to an expert psychiatrist immediately.

4.Don’t Lose Your Temper, Be Empathetic:

Try not to lose your temper and acknowledge that the person is worried. Tell the person that you can understand why he feels that way. Show some empathy and patience because it is a virtue when it comes to anxiety. Also, remember that the sufferer is not in a normal state so you have to be a little tolerant.

Assure that person that it’s perfectly fine to go out and meet people. And that his irrational thoughts are just his anxiety and it isn’t real. Try to work with their emotions and be patient and kind towards his feelings. If that person doesn’t respond to your help or is showing intense signs of anxiety then immediately take him to the psychiatrist or seek professional medical help.

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