Insulin Patch-No Need to Prick Yourself Anymore!

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Are you one of those who are scared of even thinking about injections? Diabetic patients with a phobia of injection have good news now they can get their insulin without any pain. Injections cause soreness and pain in the body of a patient. In addition to it, a patient needs assistance while injecting insulin but with the invention of Insulin patch not anymore.

Insulin patch is a tiny square piece that is covered with hundreds of tiny needles. These minute needles are full of microscopic units that work as storage units for insulin. These glucose-sensing enzymes rapidly release in the body of a person when sugar level gets high.

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To find out is it suitable for you to book an appointment with the best Endocrinologist in Karachi, Lahore or any other main city of Pakistan via Marham. It’s a great invention where you don’t have to prick yourself but every invention comes with its pros and cons. Some of them are mentioned below.

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  • Pain-free
  • Flexibility in the overall lifestyle of a person
  • An exact amount of insulin is inserted into the body
  • No soreness
  • Increased flexibility in lifestyle.
  • It reduces fluctuations of the dose
  • No assistance required (A patient applies it on his own)



  • Risk of skin infection.
  • As its newly invented product, it’s expensive.
  • It is not very common in Pakistan.
  • Patients who are used to injections are reluctant to experiment with this.

Diabetes is a chronic disease and a lot of research is being done on it to make life easier and better for diabetic patients. Insulin patch is one of the inventions that provides comfort and flexibility in the life of a patient.

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