Does Munching In Between Meals Help or Harm Us

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For decades nutritionists have been telling us to graze rather than stuffing up our tummies. They said graze, that meant eat little and often in order to keep our energy levels and avoid overeating unhealthy foods.

The worst part about grazing is that a lot of people ignore the little part about eating, and paying attention to eating often. Many of us end up snacking unhealthy foods like chips, soda, chocolate and other high-calorie products.

Is Snacking And Munching Healthy?

So most of us habitually munch on junk rather than healthy foods. It makes us hungrier; interferes with the body’s functionality by affecting the ability to burn fat and leads to other health conditions such as type 2 diabetes, obesity and as well as tooth decay.

In my opinion, we should be going back to three proper meals a day, with no snacks in between.

The snacks we take nowadays are high in calorie; so most of us lose count eating all day while these high-calorie snacks undermine the body’s ability to burn fat.

Munching between meals is likely to affect our bodies in a negative manner than a positive one. It causes our blood sugar and fat levels to stay at the higher side throughout the day affecting our vital organs like the liver and pancreas, putting unnecessary stress on them.

What Can We Have Instead?

In my opinion, it would be ideal not to munch between meals at all for easy gainers but if they wish to, I have listed some of the healthy snacks I take as being an easy gainer. These recipes will not only ensure good health but will also help lead a healthier lifestyle.

  • Protein shake made using nonfat or low-fat milk, protein powder and fruit.
  • Nonfat yogurt topped with fruit.
  • Raw veggies – carrots, cherry, tomatoes, and peppers dipped in hummus.
  • Diced veggies topped with nonfat cottage cheese
  • Small handful of nuts – almonds, walnuts, pistachios, pecans or soy nuts
  • Canned tuna mashed and spread on whole grain crackers
  • Few slices of turkey or smoked salmon wrapped around cucumber sticks

Those of you reading this with great concern for their health should find and consult a doctor the first thing in the morning. Go see a nutritionist who can help you count calories and make a personalized meal plan that best suits your body. I got all the snack ideas written above from my nutritionist.

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Eat healthily to stay healthy.

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