These Are The Infertility Treatment Options for Men & Women

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Infertility is when a couple is unable to conceive and have a child. The problem of infertility can be with both male and female. For men, the infertility is caused due to decreased sperm count or some other biological issue. In this article, the treatments are distributed in two ways, one for the men and the other for women.

Below, we have shared some important treatments of infertility, which will help you in coping with this problem. If a person has some critical condition regarding infertility, they should consult a doctor.


1. Hormonal Imbalance

Infertility can be caused due to hormonal imbalance. The hormones affect the whole system of the body, and they can be blamed for tampering with the ovulation process. There are certain medications which the doctor can prescribe, which can help in restoring the ovulation process.

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2. Surgery

Tubal surgery is a treatment that the doctors use for removing the blockage in the tubes, which might be causing hindrance to the woman in getting pregnant. The tubal surgery is done after going through some tests. Consult the doctor for knowing the options, before getting it done.

3. Supplements

Sometimes, the body lacks some nutrients, which can cause infertility. In some cases, the person cannot take in enough food to fulfill the nutrients. Hence the individual has to take supplements to meet them. It is recommended to share the medical history with the doctor, and he/she will prescribe the supplements accordingly.

4. Test Tube

The test tube experiment is when the fertilized eggs of the woman are placed in the dish and experimentally connected with the sperm. The process is done out of the body, but when the process works, the eggs are put in the uterus of the woman.


5. Sperm wash

Sperm washing is a process which is used to eliminate the problem of infertility. In sperm wash, the healthy sperms are separated from the unhealthy sperms. By doing this process, the chances of conceiving increases rapidly. It is recommended to contact the doctor and understand the procedure, and the person can do it if the doctor recommends it.

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6. Insemination

It is an efficient process, in which the sperm is directly placed in the female’s uterus. In this way, the process of reproduction is done directly, without doing the intercourse. This way, the probability of conceiving increases. Consult the doctor for a detailed view of the process and the outcomes.

7. Medication

Sometimes, the cause of infertility is the hormonal imbalance. To help the person in improving fertility, the doctor prescribes a particular drug, which improves the imbalance. The balance of hormones helps in increasing the probability of conceiving.

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