Top Five Reasons Of Premature Graying Of Hair

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Black, shiny, long and thick hair is one of the most admired beauty features but in recent years it has been observed that people are falling victim of premature graying of hair. Even teenagers are facing this problem.

One of the simple ways to get rid of it is dying of hair but it is definitely not a permanent solution. We are here to disclose the top five causes of premature graying of hair. Try to avoid them to delay the graying of hair.

Lack of Proper Diet

Yes! Our teenagers seem to be on diet all the time just to stay in shape but they have no idea what hazards crash diet or poor nutrition is doing to them one of its side effects is premature graying of hair. Take a diet rich with iron, vitamins, and calcium to boost proper hair growth. You should add Vitamin B-12 in your diet to boost healthy hair growth and to avoid graying of hair.

Health issues

A prolonged disease can become a cause of graying of hair. Usually, people diagnosed with Thyroid issue are more prone to suffer from graying of hair.


Too much stress not just affect your overall well being but can make you suffer from extreme hair fall and in some cases from premature graying of hair too.


One of the leading factors of graying of hair is smoking. Smoking affects overall health and can make your hair gray before you hit the 40s. Research has found out that excessive smoking increases your chance of getting gray hair four times more than a non-smoker.

Not Oiling

Oiling is extremely important for the healthy nourishment of your hair. Dry and dehydrated hair has more chance of getting gray hair than the properly nourished one. Make sure you avoid using perfumed hair oils as they tend to have a negative effect on your hair. Use natural, organic oil to prevent graying of hair.

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