Work-life Challenges That Doctors Face Everyday

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With so many issues around us, who do we run to at the end? The doctors. They listen to us, help us and treat us leaving so many other important things behind but have we ever thought of the hurdles and challenges they face every day?

For all the doctors out there, I hope you can read and feel that we do think about you. Apart from irritating, complaining and whiny patients, these are what they experience according to doctor themselves.

1. Dehydration

Doctors do get frequent breaks and do have to work for more than 40-60 hours per week. they tend to ignore their personal health while looking after for others. The very first health issue they face is dehydration. Not getting enough time to walk out and get a glass of water can get them dehydrated and also lack of proper nutrition. This can definitely have a negative toll on their long-term health. Even though they have got lots of responsibilities, it is very important to get at least 5-minute intervals whenever possible. Getting a quick snack or nutrition-packed drink will help maintain your overall health.

2. Sore Feet

The doctors who have to work for more than 40-60 hours per week, they are most likely to be up on their feet for 90% of the times. It is very common that they experience sore feet and other issues such as frequent heel pains. This leads to unwanted aching foot pains throughout the day which might also disturb your concentration. Majority of these problems are difficult to resolve but for the long term ease, try to invest in a good pair of slip-ons which have a soft sole.

3. Unreasonable Working Hours

Doctors who are tirelessly working day and night to keep us healthy, miss out so much of the quality time with their family, relatives and friends. Many events that are important to them are missed just because they are looking after us. Try to respect them and treat them with patience as they work at hard shifts and deserve much more respect than you give them.

4. Malingering Patients Who Waste Time

Some patients only call or visit to ask silly questions which are not reasonable and relevant. This causes a lot of unrest to the doctor himself and other patients waiting for them which are actually sick.
Try to take care of other’s time and do not consult doctors just for fun.

5. Uninvited Guests

In our society, we like to be assisted to places. We are used to of taking the whole family along while just visiting the doctor. Patients bring some very irritating attendees along who not only keep talking but also try to guide the doctor what actually is wrong with their patients.
Do not do that, this makes the doctor upset and might affect the process of evaluation.

6. Expectations To Provide Relief In Minutes

This is nearly impossible. Patients come in and ask the doctors to immediately provide them with relief. you need to be patient because that isn’t possible. You always will have to wait for the patient to get better.

7. Undesired Favours

There is also the type of patients who do not want to consult, does not accept any evaluation. They just need a medical certificate to cover the absence period at their workplace.

8. Low salary

Do you think doctors keep the whole fee? It isn’t like that. The majority part of the treatment fee goes to the “owner” of the hospital and not the doctor treating it. People are ready to pay for a movie, expensive food and clothes but will crib constantly for a consultation fee.

9. Insensitive attenders

“I have seen many cases where family members were just waiting for the patient to die ( only for the property )“.
Yes! that happens too. There are so many weird cases and weird people doctors come across.

10. Threats

All the VIPs, politicians and stars are a big threat to doctors. If any of their relative -even because of their own selves are suffering and rushed to the emergency- are later blamed to be mistreated by the doctors. They threaten the doctors straight away of dire consequences if they do not recover.

Every profession experiences their own challenges. Engineers sometimes complain to be jobless, journalists are also not treated well. But the doctors, they have their own hurdles and then we expect them to work properly like robots. We need to understand that they can also experience nervous breakdowns, they can also have anxiety issues, they can cry and give up. But just because of us, they leave their families, emotions and health behind. Can we not only treat them right? Think about it!

To all the doctors, comment and let us know what else do you face apart from these?

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