10 Facts to Know about Enjoying Winter Sun

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Spending a good time in sunlight is one of the enjoyments of winter. Many people enjoy the sunbath just for luxury but do you know this amusement has serious health effects both good and bad. Yes, we are saying the correct. Read the following words to get knowledge about the good and bad effects of the sunbath.

Good Impact:

Natural source of heat and light, the sun is a friend of humans indeed. Appropriate time in sunlight provides you the following health benefits.

Boost Up The Mood:

Sunlight is a natural and free mood enhancer. Special days full of sunlight make individuals feel better and happy as sunlight boost up the levels of serotonin in the brain, which is associated with improved mood.

Enjoying Winter Sun

Cut Down The Stress:

Spending some good time in the fresh air and soothing sunlight naturally relaxes the nerves and cut down the level of stress and depression.

Improves Sleep:

Sunlight relaxes the body muscles and acts as muscle relaxant just in the way of tranquilizer. So in result, it naturally improves sleeping.

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Provides Vitamin D:

Sunlight is the natural source of vitamin D, which is a vitamin necessary for healthy bone strength and function. Weak bones can lead to arthritis even at a young age. To consult best orthopedic doctors in Lahore log on to Marham.

Adverse Impact:

Glittering light of the sun is not all gold, friends. It can harm you too. In the following ways, sunlight can harm you.

Adverse Impact of sunbath


Long hours in sunlight lead to excessive loss of water and salt and cause dehydration in the body. A headache, severe thirst, and nausea may also be experienced.

Heat Rashes:

Excessive exposure to sunlight affects the delicate cells of the skin and leads to the irritated, itchy red skin rashes.

Heat Burn or Stroke:

Long exposure to sunlight elevates the body temperature and if not taken seriously then it may cause heat burn or stroke.

Cancer Development:

Long and unprotected sun exposure leads to the development of cancer, especially skin and breast cancer. To consult the best oncologist in Karachi, as cancer is a major issue there, you can log on to Marham.

  • Now you know the positive and negative effects of sunlight. To get its benefits without any harm it is good to spend appropriately balanced time in its exposure.
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