4 Strategies To Deal ADHD In Adults

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is commonly diagnosed in Children but it can be present in adults too. In adults, it can be diagnosed by multiple symptoms such as Anxiety, Impulsiveness, Mood swings, Frustration, Depression, lack of concentration, etc.

It can disturb your health, work-life and has a great impact on your personal life. Don’t worry, It is not life-threatening and luckily there are quite a lot of ways to manage its symptoms successfully. Consult a Psychiatrist as he/she can guide you well to suppress its symptoms.

Marham is here to disclose 4 incredible strategies to deal with ADHD.

Breakdown Your Daily Tasks

One of the most highlighted traits of ADHD is distractibility. We know getting organized may make you feel overwhelmed. So it’s better if you breakdown the task into steps and then follow it accordingly. There are a lot of tools to manage your daily tasks such as keeping Daily planners and setting Reminders to save yourself from panic. You can also make use of the “to do” list to break and manage your daily tasks.

Do It Now

Don’t procrastinate, due to acute forgetfulness in ADHD you might not remember to finish your work later. You can avoid clutter, absentmindedness, and procrastination by cleaning up the mess, returning to the phone calls immediately, doing your assignment when it’s due, not sometime in future. The habit of “Do it now” will make you feel satisfied later. If a task required two minutes of yours why not do it now? For more guidance, you can get a consultation from the best Psychiatrists in Karachi.

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Get Organized

We know, Adults who have ADHD are considered to be disorganized at the workplace. Don’t worry, we got you.

  • Invest some money in File separators, stick notes, colored labels, etc.
  • To save time; for different data, use separate file folders, use colored-labels to mark important files
  • For emails, check your mail daily and put a junk email address to block so you don’t have to go through junk mails.
  • Use electronic statements and bills to get rid of piles of papers to read.


To control hyper activeness ad inattention become physically active. Exercise can suppress stress, enhance your mood and gives you peace. Through exercise, you will utilize your excess energy in a positive way. Go for vigorous yet fun exercises such as Zumba and Dancing. Choose Outdoor location for exercise and you must try meditation, yoga or mindful walking to increase your attention span and to control your pulses.

To control symptoms of ADHD you need to mentally prepare yourself for it. A good Psychiatrist can help you deal with its symptoms in a better way.

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