5 Dietary Practices that Promote Osteoporosis

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Our bones are the structures supporting our whole body. For optimal physical health, healthy bones are of dire importance. Osteoporosis is one the conditions severely affecting bone health. Osteoporosis comes from ‘osteo’ meaning bone and the Greek word por meaning passage, simply it means porous bone. Osteoporosis occurs when the production of new bone doesn’t keep up with the removal of old bone. Our diet has a significant effect on our bone health. Below are some dietary practices that can lead to low bone density and loss of calcium from the body.

1. Weight Loss Diets And Eating Disorders

 An underweight person has a higher risk for osteoporosis. Body weight lower than the ideal body weight leads a person to have low bone mass development in the young age and it leads to a higher risk for fractures of bones in older age. Following weight loss diets that are not approved by the dieticians and nutritionists are the main reason that leads a person to osteoporosis. Eating disorders also play an important role in this regard. These disorders include Bulimia Nervosa and Anorexia Nervosa.

2. Lactose Mal-digestion And Intolerance

Lactose mal-digestion is a condition in which a person is not capable of digesting all the lactose he is taking in form of food. It is a result of lactase enzyme deficiency. Due to this, the person is not allowed to have the foods that contain lactose like milk. Milk is the most important source of vitamin D and calcium. So, the person who cannot take milk in required quantity may be at risk of osteoporosis. Lactose intolerance is considered as the most potent cause of osteoporosis due to the lower calcium intake by avoidance of milk and dairy products. It is most common in Asians.

3. Carbonated Beverages

Carbonated beverages that are being consumed on the daily basis by the youngsters are the reason behind osteoporosis. Cola drinks have very serious effects on human health. Studies showed that consumption of carbonated drinks decreases the bone mass critically. Phosphorus present in carbonated drinks lowers the calcium metabolism and has a negative impact on health. Carbonated drinks must be replaced with the milk and other healthy drinks for the calcium intake.

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4. Salt

High salt intake promotes urinary calcium excretion. This is considered as a risk factor for bone loss. Ready to eat snacks like chips and some frozen foods contain high salt content. Consumption of these foods especially by kids should be strictly discouraged. Several studies show that low salt intake seems to be helpful in the prevention of bone fractures. So, by lowering the sodium intake, fracture rates can be controlled. Salt control in the diet also prevents from strokes and other heart-related diseases.

5. Caffeine

Excessive consumption of caffeine is related with osteoporosis. Just like salt, caffeine also plays role in urinary calcium excretion. Studies showed that as long calcium daily intake is sufficient, caffeine does not have adverse effects on bone health but if your calcium intake is not sufficient and you are taking caffeine in an increased amount it will lead to severe results.

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