7 Risk Factors For Developing a Yeast Infection

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There are many severe kinds of bacteria and fungi that live and sprout on our skin. Most of them are not dangerous. Our body requires them to carry out regular functions. However, some can cause infections especially when they begin to accumulate uncontrollably.

Yeast Infection (Cutaneous Candidiasis)

A yeast infection is caused by a fungus, specifically Candida albicans. Fungi are present everywhere in our environment and they usually cause no harm. But in rare conditions, their presence leads to abnormal growth and if unchecked,  leads to infection development.

Candida intertrigo is a fungal infection that causes inflammation, burning sensations and itching in moist skin areas. Your doctor will likely be able to make a diagnosis simply by performing a physical examination. If you urge to visit a doctor, click on the link & see the best dermatologist in Karachi, Islamabad or other main cities of Pakistan. During the exam, they’ll inspect the location of your rash and the debut of your skin.

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The rash of a fungal infection is blazing red with a scalloped border and sharply outlined edges. This rash appears as tiny pus-filled pimples, comparatively they appear on genital skin folds. This rash may also be present in other skin crimps, such as on the neck or underarms or around the navel area.
risks for developing a yeast infection

What are Risks for Developing Yeast Infection

Factors that increase your risk of developing a yeast infection include the following:

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    • Poor hygiene conditions.
    • Using antibiotics that kill harmless bacteria that keep Candida under control
    • Being obese.
    • Wearing tight-fitting, non-breathable clothes, which retain moisture in genital folds.
    • Having a condition or malady that may weaken the body’s capability to fight off disease or recover from diseases, such as diabetes or human immune-deficiency virus (HIV) infection. Find and consult with the best nutritionist in Islamabad, Lahore and other main cities via Marham.pk and know how to keep your immune system strong through certain dietary options.
    • Infrequent undergarment changes.
    • Incomplete drying of damp skin.

causes of yeast infection

Candida bacterium boom and grow in tepid & sweltering areas. This is why the condition often affects areas where there are folds of skin. Infants can also develop candidiasis of the skin, especially on their buttocks. On Marham.pk you can find and consult with the best pediatrician in Karachi, Lahore and other main cities to address any issues related to an infant’s health. A bad quality diaper tends to contribute to an ideal environment for Candida.

Candidiasis of the skin usually is not contagious. Nevertheless, people with weakened immune systems may develop the condition after touching or having skin to skin contact with an infected person. 

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