7 Tips To Make Patients Love Your Waiting Area

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Along with many other issues we face every day, experiencing a lot of waiting time before getting checked by the doctor is another big issue. We think it is easy to sit patiently in the waiting area, but it is one of the most difficult situations one can experience. Waiting rooms have a great impact on what the patient thinks about you and your abilities. So making the waiting area experience good for your patients might result in more patients coming to see you.

1. Don’t Let Them Wait For Longer Times

Letting the patients wait? This is the first thing they judge about a doctor and is their number one complaint. Doctors need to follow solid scheduling guidelines to avoid overbooking, which is possible if you are booking through Marham. If things are running behind, call the patient to let them know so they can come in a few minutes later or at least be prepared for the wait.

2. Let Them Know You Are Concerned

Let your patients make a list of questions they want to ask you so you have a better time to answer them properly.

3. Express Your Interest

A doctor’s body language should be good enough to let the patient know that they are welcomed. The front desk staff should also be trained in a manner that they greet every patient while standing up. It demonstrates an interest in the patient and makes them feel important.

4. Start The Conversation Yourself with a Nice Greeting

Communicating with a patient is always a crucial part. Whoever speaks to the patient, should take the initiative to start a conversation. Try asking them how their day was, how the office/study is going, or anything generally to make their day better.

5. You Patient Should Be Comfortable

Instead of directly start questioning them about their health, try making them comfortable first. Ask them if they need water or anything else. Tell them to comfortably put their things aside and then begin communicating.

6. Waiting Area Should Demonstrate Comfort For The Patients

Your waiting area says a lot about you, the plants, TV and your colour theme talks more about you than your own self. Try comforting people in the waiting area with water, coffee, cookies and some reading material. Take a look at your area from a patient’s perspective and judge how would they feel there. Design it to make your patients comfortable. Check whether the plants in the corner are dying or alright, put on some soothing music rather than loud and chaotic news channels. Make your waiting area furniture as comfortable as you want it for your office. On top of all, choose a warm and welcoming colour scheme for the room, not something looking sterile.

7. Let Their Caretakers Accompany Them

Patients usually bring people along to take care of them and accompany them. If the patient brought along someone who helps take care of them, that means they have allowed them to know about their medical information. Researches have proved that having caretakers present in the medical examination can lower the stress level for patients.

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