“I’m A Fighter”

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“Your daughter has a very short time left to live” Doctor explains. “What is the solution? we’re ready to do anything for her” her father requests helplessly. “Take her somewhere more advanced, these surgeries are not available here we can’t help you. I am sorry!”
I heard my parents begging the doctor to treat me, my world turned upside down so did theirs. But I knew there would be a way out if I was to live.

Three Months Ago

I was in the changing room preparing for my next match. It was a big deal for me, it was a national championship. I’ve been dreaming for it since ages and I was finally there. While changing I felt a sharp pain travelling in my whole body which left me shocked and paralyzed for a moment. Following my schedule, I had only five minutes in reporting time so I moved forward ignoring what happened a minute ago. Little did I know what I’ll end up with. Suffering from unbearable pain, I crashed down in the court right in the middle of the match and was rushed to the hospital.

I was unaware of what my negligence could bring. Doctors mentioned that they were not very hopeful as cancer affected my organs badly. I felt my world spinning. I barely remember the rest of the conversation. My mind and senses were going blank every minute. I was shocked that with no family history of cancer, how could this happen to me. That was the day I knew it was a long way ahead of me, various challenges, various treatments and no sports anymore.

My Journey

I had been under several MRIs, so many tests and surgeries. At my first appointment, the doctor talked to me a little about the next steps and a course of action. Then a few days later, the results came back that showed another area cancer has affected. Days turned into weeks, as I had more MRIs and biopsies. This time was a blur as I went from one appointment to another and waited for results. The doctors kept informing me step by step that I was under experimental dosage. It had little chances to work and if it did I would be lucky.

Lying helplessly on hospital beds teach us so many things. They teach us to value time, they teach us to cherish memories but above all, they teach us to fight. Fighters always make their ways out of the worst situations. I had never thought to be depended on somebody, I was a sportsperson and I was made to be a fighter so I decided to take matters in my own hands. Surfing through mobile phone, I found a platform offering affordable surgeries at the best medical destinations around the world. Further searching led me to some treatments happening in Turkey.

After a few formalities, they let me go as there was no treatment left for me here and my parents decided to take me to Turkey. All the arrangements were made, my new doctors were ready to take over the case. As soon as I reached I was sent for more tests and other check-ups to determine what could be done.

My Experience In Turkey

Fast forward three months later, today I have had one successful liver transplant and am still under treatment. I was diagnosed with cirrhosis and recommended to go for a liver transplant first. Everyone is hopeful that I’ll recover, doctors are happy I am doing well. I have seen my parents smile again as I am beating cancer. My mother secretly wept every day, she knew I was left with very little time but I reassured her that I’ll do better. As I told her I was a fighter, I am doing better and I am fighting this battle very positively. My doctors are very supportive, their staff is extremely cooperative and they work very hard to make me feel homely. Undoubtedly turkey has been a very positive change for me.

I told my mom that I’m a fighter and I will never give up. But there are things we can’t do alone, we need help and right guidance. I found help by a very renowned healthcare platform and I must say they gave me hope, they saved me. Allah tests us to see how we’ll deal with it. My personal experience says, do not stop fighting and you’ll find help from the sources you would’ve never imagined of. My guide was Marham.pk and I want you to be helped too!. Are you in a similar situation? go and get help from Marham, you can also talk to the doctor through online consultation and also free suggestions from the doctors on their Facebook groups. If you are already diagnosed, visit this page to find the right information and treatment packages.

Be a fighter and Live positively!

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