Is Your Child Suffering From Diabetes? Look For Six Signs To Know

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Diabetes can become fatal if not diagnosed or treated on time. Diagnosis of sugar in children can come as a shock to parents. If your child suffers from Diabetes type 1; when the body doesn’t produce Insulin then there aren’t many parents can do about it. Always seek advice from a child specialist if you find any sign of diabetes in your kid.

Don’t worry, if you don’t know its symptoms as yet. We are here to help you. Following are some of the signs that can help you detect the early signs of diabetes in children:

Early Sign and symptoms of Diabetes:

Never Ending Thirst

You will observe that your kid is constantly asking for water or any fluid to quench his/her thirst. It is usually because of their blood-sugar level increases.

Urge to Pee

Kids who wet bed despite being trained or goes to the toilet more than usual then there might be an underlying reason behind it. Check with the best child specialist to know the reason. It is always better to consult.

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Loss of Weight

A rapid decrease in weight can become a major reason of sugar. In diabetes type 1, the body can’t utilize the energy from sugar in result fat loss occurs.


Due to low insulin level child’s body remains deprived of sugar. When the body is unable to turn the sugar in the bloodstream, a kid doesn’t get energy and often feel dizzy and lethargic throughout the day.

Yeast Infection

Especially girls who have type 1 diabetes may suffer from yeast infection and in kids and babies, it often appears as a diaper rash.


In diabetes type 1, blood sugar level increases which pull the fluid from other body tissues including our eye lenses too. A kid might complain of blurred vision or squint their eyes.

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If you face any of the above signs in your kids, consult best child specialist as soon as possible to save your child from these chronic diseases.

Few Most Popular Endocrinologist:

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