Mental Health: Know More About Slow Motion Anxiety

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Many people nowadays have various health concerns, most of them developed in COVID19 lockdown are left with issues they never really had before. most of them had mental health concerns from time to time. But a mental health concern becomes a mental illness when ongoing signs and symptoms cause frequent stress and affect your ability to function.

Just like other mental health issues, there is another condition which is known as the slow motion effect and it is another common symptom of the anxiety disorder.
This article is what you need to know the relationship between anxiety and feeling like everything is in slow motion. Keep reading.

Know What Slow Motion Anxiety Actually Is

Anxiety nowadays has become a very common issue in our youth especially. Dealing with various other mental issues, the most common one that we experience is anxiety and every other youngster falls victim to it.

Here are some of the common descriptions that explain the slow motion anxiety:

  • The activities around you are in “slow motion”.
  • Your internal self has slowed down
  • Your emotions and thinking has slowed down
  • If feels like your thoughts and feelings are in slow motion.
  • The slow motion anxiety symptoms not only affects one sense but many senses all at once

The symptoms of slow motion anxiety can occur frequently. For instance, the effect of slow motion anxiety can occur once in a while but anxiety stays with us all the time.

  • The range and intensity of anxiety can go from slight to moderate and to severe. Moreover, it comes in waves where it’s strong one moment and eases off the next.

Why Does It Make Everything Feel Slow?

Anxiety is responsible to activate our stress response which immediately causes some physiological, psychological, and emotional changes in our body. There is a part of the stress response which changes how our brain behaves, functions and processes information.

It is said that stress hormones are what activates the fear centre in our brain and it becomes more active and fast. consequently, some areas of our brain become quite suppressed.

In the result of this situation, we react more attentively towards dangers and it slows us down because of all that information processing. Hence, why it is called slow motion anxiety.

Is There Any Way We Can Get Rid Of This?

Anxiety symptoms, intense or not, should be discussed with the doctor as they can guide us more about how to manage it and keep it under control in our daily life. Slow motion anxiety can be quite upsetting and can affect our daily life a lot.

You need to consult a psychologist to know the actual cause of this condition, if they rule out side effects of medication, fatigue and low blood sugar as the cause, it is very sure that it is caused by stress. To treat it better, it is always important to find out what is causing the condition.

If stress and fatigue is the case that is triggering your anxiety, the doctors recommend to find out the ways that will help reduce our body’s stress. With time, as your body starts recovering from the emergency state, the symptoms will subside. Therefore, the slow motion feeling will go away.

Speed up the recovery by practice relaxed breathing, increasing rest, and stop thinking too much about it.

Do I Need To See A Psychologist?

If your anxiety symptoms are getting out of hands, you feel it is disturbing your everyday activity then you should immediately consult a psychologist to know the possible treatments of this condition.

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