5 Ways Of Healthy Eid Celebrations In Different Muslim Countries

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Celebrations have their roots in customs. Traditions become an integral part of our lives. Every culture has their particular identity for celebrations. Similar stands true for the most significant celebrations in Islam – Eid-ul-Fitr.

After the month of Ramadan, Muslims are gifted with the happy occasion of Eid. Every year Muslims across the globe gathers to celebrate Eid with great enthusiasm and passion. Eid is all about greetings and share of happiness. However, there are some different ways of celebrating healthy Eid in different Muslim countries.

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1.Eid In Egypt With Fata:

In Egypt Eid is celebrated for four days in a row. In this Muslim country, fish always get the center place in the feasting ritual. Some other traditional foods include Fata which is a blend of rice, meat, onion, vinegar. All these ingredients are cooked together and come up in a form of the healthy delicious dish.

Eid celebrations
Eid celebrations

2.Eid In Iraq With Klaicha:

In Iraq, dates have always been given an utmost importance in every celebration related to Ramadan and Eid. Their traditional dish called Klaicha is a must which is prepared by all the people to bring the Eid celebrations to an end. Klaicha is a type of cookie which is stuffed with nuts, dates, and scented rose.

3.Eid In Turkey With Baklava And Turkish Delight:

In Turkey, the festival of Eid is celebrated by eating healthy traditional sweet delights. People along with their kids visit friends, family, and neighbors by giving their traditional desserts like Turkish delight and Baklava. You can now easily book an online appointment with the best nutritionist in Islamabad via Marham.pk.

4.Eid In Indonesia With Kui Lapis Legit:

In Indonesia Eid is celebrated with great passion and in a traditional way. People here prepare a special dessert called Kui lapis Legit, which means “the thousand layer cake”. People take very much joy in making this dessert. This dessert is an inspiration of cuisine by Dutch people. This special dessert is made with a mouthwatering blend of butter, spices, and flour. To find and consult with the best nutritionist in Karachi visit Marham.pk.

5.Eid In Pakistan With Uncountable Things:

Last but not the least, Eid celebrations in Pakistan is incomparable. From Chaand rat till last day of Eid Pakistanis celebrate this happy occasion in a purely traditional way. Women put decorative mehndi on their hands. However, children get gifts and Eidi from elder members of the family as a blessing. Sheer Khurma, kheer, and savaiyyan are the healthy traditional dishes that have been shared with the neighbors and family.

Eid celebrations
Eid celebrations

Eid is time to celebrate in piousness and brotherhood. Different Muslim countries have different ways of celebrating Eid but sharing of happiness is one thing in common. Happiest people are the healthiest people. So stay happy and make others happy.

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Eid Mubarak from all of us at Marham!

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