Trend in Body Whitening: Male vs Female

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A cream that is available in the labels colored white and pink has long been associated with beauty in this region of the world. From following the traditional DIY methods of how to make your skin white, women soon began to use this cream to get the same desired results. It wasn’t long before many other creams began following the same trend to offer women beauty encapsulated with ultimate fairness. However, you must have noticed that this trend is not limited to women anymore.

Most of the leading cosmetic companies are introducing their own versions of fairness creams that are suitable for male skin. Since these creams were only meant for faces, identifying a gap in the market, many soap making industries began introducing soaps that promised fairness from head to toe. But this makes us wonder about the penetration of this trend in our society and how it is affecting both men and women in varying capacities. You can now easily book an online appointment with the Best Skin Specialist in Karachi through

The Rising Trend

For now, it was only the female who was chasing the dream of becoming the real-life snow whites but the trend is soon trickling down to the males in the society too. Call it an after effect of racism which is seen in the west against the brown-skinned people, but people in the sub-continent are developing an aversion to darker skin tones. People suffer from inferiority complexes and begin to think less of themselves if they have anything but a fair complexion. The society, on the whole, has developed a different measure of beauty which only takes into consideration the fairness of the skin and nothing else.

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How is The Trend of Becoming a Health Concern?

The result is that people are willing to try all sorts of skin whitening treatments as long as they give them the skin tone that they desire. Most of the times people end up using the harmful Glutathione pills which may give them the results they want but at the cost of putting them at risk of skin cancer. Glutathione is an antioxidant which is used to clear away the toxins in the body. Dermatologists are often seen using it in controlled amounts to treat vitiligo and various skin conditions. It works by limiting the melanin production in our body and it is for this very reason that people end up using it as skin whitening injection without realizing the harm they are causing themselves. Moreover, you can now get access to the fake versions of this antioxidant very easily which causes even more harm to the skin. Females are often seen to be more desperate for quick results and often end up using such substandard products.

Here is What You Can Do Instead

Well, if you are looking for safe methods of how to make the skin glow then instead of trying out various tricks and fake medications, it is better than you find best dermatologist/Skin Specialist in Lahore, Karachi or any other main city of Pakistan from where you belong. Based on your skin type and your age, a dermatologist would guide you better about safe body whitening treatments. Since they make use of authentic products in the right manner, you will be in safe hands with them. Some of the most common whitening treatments that are used include:

Whitening Injections

This would mean injecting the body with chemicals that would subside the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for our skin coloration, to help lighten our skin tone.

Whitening Pills

Using oral tablets of glutathione also helps lighten the skin coloration. But you should always talk to a dermatologist before taking these oral medications to ensure that there are no side effects involved and you are getting the authentic stuff.

Whitening Treatments

These vary from person to person. For some, chemical peeling of the whole body helps produce the desired results while for others other laser whitening treatments work better. You can now easily book an online appointment with the Best Skin Specialist in Islamabad through

Take Care Of Your Skin

This would include:

    • Applying a good sunscreen to your face and exposed body parts when going out in the sun
    • Eating healthy food and including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet
    • Staying hydrated
    • Moisturizing, toning and exfoliating the skin
    • Using homemade masks that would keep the skin healthy and glowing

There is no harm in doing things that make you look more beautiful in your eyes and happier from inside, as long as they do not cause you harm. Your health should be your utmost concern and that is why you must only go for body whitening treatments that are performed by the qualified dermatologists only.

Note: This article is for learning purpose only. We, at MARHAM, strictly discourage self-medication and recommend you to consult a verified practitioner for a complete physical check-up.

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