5 Types of Cancer Treatment and How to Manage Their Side Effects

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The type of cancer treatment a cancer patient would receive is determined by cancer he has and how advanced it is. Some patients receive only one treatment while others might have to go through a combination of treatments such as surgery with radiation therapy or chemotherapy to help them fight back. Lahore in recent years has grown quite advanced when it comes to providing various treatments to the patients. Doctors who are specialized in cancer treatment are called oncologists. Marham can help you locate the best oncologists in Islamabad and all other main cities of Pakistan. Some of the cancer treatments available in Lahore are as follows:


Surgery is the procedure to remove the tumor and the surrounding tissue performed by a surgical oncologist. It has been the oldest as well as the most effective treatment for many types of cancer. The reasons behind surgery may vary from a cancer diagnosis and removal of cancer to finding out where it is located and to what extent it has spread. Log on to Marham to find and consult surgeons in Lahore.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is another type of cancer treatment that uses high doses of radiation to kill cancer cells as well as shrink tumors. These high dose radiations kill or slow down the growth of the cancer cells by damaging their DNA. This ultimately kills them and allows us to remove them from the body. However, the therapy doesn’t kill the cancer cells right away, rather it takes weeks of therapy to damage the DNA enough. The cancer cells then keep dying for weeks or even months after the therapy in a slow process. You can find radiologist in Lahore via Marham.


Another type of cancer treatment is Chemotherapy that uses drugs to kill cancer cells. Chemotherapy has the ability to target the cancer cells throughout the body which is why it is an effective treatment when cancer cells are spread to body parts away from the primary tumor. The goals of chemotherapy include cure, control as well as palliation or relieving the symptoms in advanced stages. However, this treatment does have a toll on the patient, physical and emotional which causes some apprehension.

Stem Cell Transplant

Another emerging type of cancer treatments in Lahore is the Stem cell transplant which includes the procedure that restores blood-forming stem cells in cancer patients who had their cells destroyed due to radiation therapy or chemotherapy. The Blood-forming stem cells are essential as they grow the white blood cells, red blood cells and the platelets which perform the most important functions for the body. In a stem cell transplant, the patient receives healthy blood-forming stem cells through a needle in the vein. Once these cells enter the bloodstream, they travel to the bone marrow and take place of the cells that were destroyed.

Hormone Therapy

Hormone or endocrine therapy is the cancer treatment that slows or stops the growth of cancer that use hormones to grow such as breast and prostate cancers. The goals of this therapy vary from treating cancer to easing the symptoms in men with prostate cancer who cannot have surgery or radiation therapy.

Hormonal Imbalance caused by Cancer Treatment and its Solution

Hormone therapy while being used as the treatment of cancer can also alter the number of hormones that the body produces. It usually lowers the levels of certain hormones by blocking their actions or reducing the amount of hormone that the body makes. By doing so, the therapy reduces the chances of cancer coming back after other treatments and it may even stop or slow the growth of cancer for a period of time.

However, these therapies can cause a range of side effects, depending on the type of cancer involved ranging from reduced sex drive and memory changes to weaker bones and sleep changes. For instance, breast cancer patients may experience hot flashes, dryness and irritation, vaginal discharge, reduced sex drive; and mood changes. On the other hand, Prostate cancer patients may experience difficulty or inability in achieving an erection or orgasm. Moreover, some treatments can even stop the making of a particular hormone by the body altogether. For instance, the removal of thyroid gland stops the production of thyroid hormones. The person would then require taking replacement thyroid hormones for life.

Under such circumstances, a patient would require finding ways to reduce the side effects in order to improve the quality of life. Endocrinology deals with the endocrine system, its diseases as well as the hormones production and their levels. Endocrinologists are the trained physicians who specialize in diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to the glands and the hormonal imbalance.
You might also want to visit endocrinologists in Rawalpindi in order to increase your knowledge about the risk factors involved in various types of diseases and their treatments such as cancer and figure out what preventive measures can be taken for maintaining the healthy endocrine system.

Emotional and Psychological Imbalance caused By Cancer and Its Solution

The diagnosis and treatment of cancer can impact the mental well-being of a patient in the most adverse ways. The treatment and its physical side-effects can get overwhelming at times while also dealing with the stresses of everyday life causing cancer associated stress. This stress can manifest in more than one ways including the symptoms of anxiety and depression.
It is important to identify and manage the psychological effects which may include:

    • Feeling down or irritable
    • Difficulty in focusing and remembering
    • Reduces sex drive
    • Irritability
    • Loss of interest in socializing
    • Changes in sleep
    • Changes in appetite
    • Lack of energy and motivation
    • Anxiety
    • Panic attacks

In order to get over these issues, you might need some professional help, for that matter, you can consult one of the psychologists in Karachi and manage cancer-associated stress issues. To find the best endocrinologist to help you with the treatment follow Marham today. We will help you get an appointment right away without any further delay.

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