Are You Suffering From Sitting Cancer?

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If you have a job in which you spent 8-10 hours ‘sitting’, do not consider yourself lucky. And if you have spent the last 8-9 months working from home during this COVID-19 pandemic and you lie down on your day bed for the entire day while working on your laptop. You might be getting a 6 digit salary but you are putting yourself at the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, breast cancer, colon cancer, and many other types of cancers that can be referred to as sitting cancer.

Sitting all day at one place is not only bad for your physical health but also for your mental health. Human nature needs change and entertainment. And you can’t stay mentally stable while sitting in one place for the whole day long.

How Can Sitting Cancer Kill You?

Sitting for more than one hour lowers the production of fat-burning enzymes by over 90%. It means your desk job is slowly killing you.

Sitting is killing more people around the world these days than smoking. That’s why sitting is now been called ‘the smoking of our generation’.



Desk Job & Our Food Choices:

We sit while traveling long distances to work and then, at work, we sit the whole day at a place making sure the light of the day doesn’t have any chance of reaching us. All this coupled with the halwa puries for breakfast, desi ghee wali mutton ki karahi for dinner and all the samosay, jalebiya that come in between. Instead of healthy snacks, we prefer to eat unhealthy items. Junk food is the favorite choice of young adults nowadays. That’s why the occurrence of chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension can be easily seen among youngsters.


A desk job is the curse of modernity which has become a disaster when combined with our lifestyles. These types of jobs that won’t allow you to do more physical work are the reason behind many diseases. It causes obesity and high cholesterol levels, which are in return more dangerous for us.

So How Can You Deal With This?

5 minutes in an hour can save your life

Yes, you can’t leave your job, but nobody is going to take your chair away if you leave it once in an hour to move around the office for drinking water or a trip to the washroom. Similarly, if you are working from home, you can take a break from your work, and do any physical activity in your lounge.

Just get up, go out, let the sun hit your skin, take deep breaths, walk for five minutes and come back to work. Trust me, you will get much better at what you do. Just take a start with this.



Early to Bed, Early To Rise

The next step is getting up early. It won’t be difficult if you stop stalking people on Facebook late at night and go to bed earlier. Go to a nearby park early in the morning. The fresh air can give you the best chance to breathe in oxygen and do good exercise for your lungs. Similarly, the serenity in the mornings brings mental peace to your mind.

You will find the birds singing, the wind blowing, the green grass and the tall trees all waiting to cheer you up.



Walking People are Happy People

The world isn’t as gloomy and dark as you have made it in your mind. Yes, I am scientifically right. They don’t say walking people are cheerful people just because it sounds good. Walking is the cheapest exercise. It costs nothing but only putting your one foot in front of the other.

They say it because when you walk your body releases euphoric hormones that make you feel happy.



Make Friends Who Care About Health

Neither you can maintain a totally ripped body like someone doing your job in the movies has nor you need it but regulating your diet and taking a little time out for physical exertion won’t hurt you. Plus people at gyms & parks are social and make friends to do their activities together.

Because being healthy is a lifestyle not just an activity

It’s just like smokers make friends with smokers with a difference in health.


Take Care of Yourself

Just remember that they have gyms and parks in cities for people like you and sometimes taking care of yourself can be a fun thing to do. You can protect yourself from sitting cancer like a curse by doing some physical activities. God has given us one life, it is totally up to us that how we spend it. We can not increase the span of our lives, but we can improve the quality of our lives.

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