Can We Improve Our Liver Health?

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The Best Way To Fight Liver Disease Is To Avoid It

Liver, one of the most important organs of our body and what do we treat it with? unhealthy food, junk, every type of harsh drinks. Thank it for not letting for of you. You should be thankful for how it has always been with you. Once it lets you know it has stopped working, you stop working too.
Our liver functions in the same way as the engine in the car work. It holds the same importance. Our liver performs so many functions that we ourselves are unaware of.
There are multiple ways we can pay it back for its services, we can take good care of it in so many ways. the best one is regular exercise, which improves both our liver and our physical health. Following one set type of exercises every day won’t help, try a combination of exercises.
What doctors recommend is:

  • Aerobic Exercises
  • Walking Outside
  • Treadmill
  • Bicycling
  • Swimming
  • Light Weight Training

What exercises are good?

Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercises are good for our health as they focus mainly on our cardiovascular system and has an effect on blood oxygenation. Aerobics activities constantly involve large muscle movements which help improve our heart rate and also our breathing patterns. Aerobic activities are good in improving the amount of oxygen and speeds up in delivering it to the rest of our body.

Weight training

Weight training is another positive way to keep ourselves healthy as it helps us improve our overall strength in both bones and muscles. Maintaining both bone and muscle health is important for women as important it is for men. it is important because it improves the osteoporosis which sometimes liver disease leaves in our body. Weight training also eliminates body fat which helps improve our metabolism and eventually is better for people with fatty liver.

What Foods and Drinks Should We Have

1. Coffee
Coffee is good for people with liver disease as it helps with issues such as the fatty liver.

2. Oatmeal
Oatmeal contains fibre. Adding oatmeal to the diet is the best way to add fiber, fibre helps in digesting food and can also help keep our liver healthy. Oatmeal contains an ingredient known as beta-glucan, known best for reducing the stored fat in the body. it also protects and keeps the liver healthy. It is also confirmed by clinical studies.

3. Green tea
Green tea has many beneficial properties and reducing fat content is one of them. It fights against stress, anxiety and depression. Green tea is also the best ingredient that helps get rid of fatty liver.

4. Garlic
Adding a little garlic to our diet can help activate our liver. Garlic helps us reduce all that extra fat we got on our body. It is very helpful for obese and overweight people as they can lose weight by using a little garlic every day.

5. Olive oil
Eating too much fat and oil is not helpful in keeping your liver healthy. But some fats are helpful. Studies show that adding a little olive oil to our diet can reduce oxidative stress and improve makes our liver healthy.

Here Are A Few Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Liver

  1. Maintain a healthy weight.
    If you are overweight or obese then you are at risk of developing a fatty liver which is not good for the health at all. It can lead you to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, which is considered as one of the fastest-growing forms of liver disease. Maintaining a healthy weight can help you stay away from many diseases.
  2. Eat a balanced diet.
    Eating a healthy balanced diet is a key to a happy and healthy life. Eating refines carbohydrates such as white bread, white rice, regular pasta and sugars lead us to many diseases and eating disorders. For a diet which is well balanced, eat fibre. You can also eat meat, dairy and good fats but everything needs to be under a good healthy amount. Lastly, don’t forget, staying hydrated is the best way of staying healthy, all the diets come second.
  3. Exercise regularly.
    Exercising regularly helps burn triglycerides for fuel and can are also helpful in reducing liver fat.
  4. Avoid contaminated needles.
    Dirty needles carry more bacteria than we can ever imagine. If you are getting an injection, a tattoo or a body piercing, make sure you’re getting a fresh needle, not a used one. Used needles carry so many diseases that we can not even think of and they affect our sensitive organs directly, in no time. Be careful before getting a needle in your body.
  5. Don’t share personal hygiene items.
    Do not share your personal things such as razors, toothbrushes, lip balms and nail clippers. They can carry all the bacteria and contaminated germs if the other person is sick. Be very careful about your personal things.

The liver is referred to be the engine of our body, if it does not function well it won’t let our body function properly. You need to keep your liver healthy otherwise if liver diseases get serious they might lead you to Liver Transplant. To have a guide about your liver health you can consult a gastroenterologist or a hepatologist. Do not let your health deteriorate, make an appointment immediately if you identify any symptoms.

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