Colour Therapy: 5 Ways It Can Help Us Bring Positivity In Our Lives

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COVID19 lockdown has been the most boring yet creative time of my life. Sounds confusing right?. Well if I say boring, it has a background. Similarly calling it creative is another story. In this time of COVID19 lockdown, I have had a chance to spend the most time with myself, my hobbies, my parents, and also every possible thing I never paid attention to. In other words, I played with colors and explored what effects they have on my mood.

It was about a month into quarantine, and there I was sitting in my room completing my working hours and feeling down. Nothing was very much wrong but it felt really boring. Looking at those boring walls every day was consuming all of my energy and I just felt “off.” That was exactly when I realized, colours do have a very strong effect on our mood and then, i started learning more about colour therapy.

What Exactly Is Colour Therapy?

Colour therapy is a practice that is very commonly used in therapy clinics and hospitals because colour therapy is directly linked to how we feel. Colour therapy is also known as chromotherapy. It follows the idea that colours and coloured lights can help treat physical or mental issues.

Focusing on the history and the use of colours in the major events, it shows that colours we very significantly used to express different things back then too. In Egypt, their healers used the colour blue as a sign of their sacredness. Greek people used golden to define their wisdom and holiness.

In recent times, colour therapy is used as an alternative medicine therapy. This is used to help people release anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. Colour therapy helps people connect with themselves better. There has been a lot of research on colour therapy, and how it works for meditations and other treatments.

The Research

According to the researches that are done in recent times, the scientific support on colour therapy is still pretty limited. Undoubtedly, colours do have biological and psychological effects on people, and maybe it is time that we start taking advantage of it.

Here Is How The Lights Work For Us

Green Light Cures Pain
It is said that people who suffer from frequent headaches, were asked to use green light around them. The reported result is that they started feeling better after they spent time in the greenery and other areas with green lights. Migraine patients complained less severe episodes after 10 weeks of daily exposure to green LED light

Blue Light Upsets Your Rhythm

It is said that keeping blue light away from you before going to bed can bring you peaceful sleep. Health professionals say that keeping yourself away from your phone or computer’s blue lights protects your circadian rhythm. Try turning them off a few hours before you decide to go to bed.

Take Frequent Outdoor Breaks

People who work 10 hours per day and have exposure towards blue light all the time are asked to get up and take an outdoor break. If someone is having trouble focusing or staying alert, they should get up and go out to walk around green plants as it is a natural way to ease stress.

Decorate Your Place With Colours

Decorating your home, workplace or your room with colours can bring you a lot of joy and excitement. It boosts your mood and encourages you to be more creative. Isn’t that what interior designers recommend for years?

Once you start focusing on colours and how it improves your mood, I am telling you, you’ll be experimenting new colour every other day. Try to start decorating your work table and experience the joy it’ll bring to you.

Want To Talk More About It?

There is still a lot we do not know about colour therapy and how colours affect our health. In the meantime, all we can do is to start using colours around our house and lift our moods.
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