Foods That Are Helpful For Fatty Liver Disease

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We have various different versions of what is good for the liver and what is not. But nothing we have yet heard is backed up by scientific justifications. So we follow what seems right to us. But have you ever thought of finding our what actually is right for the people having fatty liver disease?. If someone is suffering from fatty liver disease, that means they have a high quantity of fat in their liver, which makes it less efficient at flushing out toxins from the body. More seriously, this disease can lead to even more serious issues such as liver scarring and eventually liver failure which is irreversible.

Change Your Diet

The good news for the people suffering from fatty liver disease is that they can control it with the diet you can adapt your diet to reduce your risks for both types of the disease. For the people who are overweight, they should lose weight up to 10% through a proper lower-calorie diet, avoid added sugar, salt, refined carbohydrates and alcohol. Though it is very easier said than done and that is the reason we have put together a precise list of the cheat sheet that will help you reach your goal in an easier way. Maintaining a healthy weight is the most important key to combat fatty liver.


What if I tell you that eating a fatty fish will help you combat a fatty liver. Fish types such as salmon, sardines, tuna, and trout are the ones that are high in omega-3 fatty acids which helps lower the fat levels in the liver. Fish can also bring down inflammation and is a healthy alternative to meat as it gives you the opportunity to avoid consuming the fats.


Alongside all the other greens, here is another thing that is considered extremely healthy and also has healthy fat and the plus point is, it is great for heart and liver health. Avocado is said to decrease the chances of liver damage and can also reverse them. Use it over a toast or eat it raw, add it to a sandwich or a wrap, there are various ways in which you can enjoy an avocado.


Coffee is an all-time favourite. Being widely consumed all around the world, coffee has its own benefits. The good news is that coffee lowers the risk of liver diseases. Make sure the coffee isn’t extra creamer or sweet. Instead, use low-fat milk and artificial sweeteners to keep it balanced.


People with fatty liver disease should make garlic a permanent part of their recipes. But if you still aren’t a fan of garlic, garlic powder supplements may be your answer to reducing fat levels. Garlic helps add a great flavour to your dishes and can be easily used in almost every recipe.


If there’s something that kept holding you back from the greens your mum always urged you to eat, then here’s what you should read and follow. Eating the greens have a very positive effect on the people who are suffering from the fatty liver issue. Spinach, Brussel sprouts and more green vegetables have been tested positive and it is proved that broccoli helps to prevent the build-up of fat in the liver. If we start eating any type of greens, it will help you lose weight which will eventually help your liver to stay healthy and fat-free. Green vegetables give you an instant full feeling and are low in calories. Moreover, they can help you lower your blood cholesterol levels.

Green tea

According to the new studies, people who drink green tea are less likely to develop fat in their liver. Green tea helps in improving liver function, reduces cholesterol and also aids in peaceful sleep.

So here are the top best healthiest foods you can add to your recipes in order to fight fatty liver disease. If you do not take your situation seriously, it might end up in liver cirrhosis which is not reversible. Liver cirrhosis is an end-stage liver disease which can only be treated through liver transplants and yet it isn’t 100% curable. To save yourself from reaching that stage, start improving your lifestyle and consult a gastroenterologist as soon as possible. Visit for further health-related questions and information about surgeries and diseases. To book a direct consultation, call at 03111222398.

Stay healthy and up on your feet!

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